What Happens If You Thyroid During Pregnancy?

Normally 2 types of thyroid are present, Hypo tyroidzam where thyroid hormone is produced in lesser quantity. Hyper thyroudizam means where the thyroid hormone is produced in large quantity.

In the majority of people,we can find hypo thyroidizam. Thyroid hormone is useful for metabolic activity in ever y part of the body, it can be called an energy booster hormone. For the operation of every cell, every body organ the thyroid is very important.

When you take the scenario of pregnancy, the thyroid effect will be on both mother and child. When the thyroid hormone production reduces,the blood pressure will start to reduce and also it affect the babies brain development, this leads to IQ levels of the child.

After baby birth, there will be congenital hypothyroidism or creationism, in order to avoid this problem, doctors provide a treatment called thyroid hormone replacement treatment.

In case the mother is detected of thyroid hormone deficiency in ending stages,that may be in 8th or 9th month of pregnancy, the doctors will give different treatment.

According to research, women with thyroid, may have abortions, pre term deliveries, baby development problems and the baby may have a heart rate problem during delivery, all these happen when the women have uncontrolled hypo thyroidizam.

Updated: Dec 21, 2016 — 2:53 pm
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