Swollen Vagina Prevention – Swollen Vag Lips

Swollen vagina (swollen vag lips) occurs during pregnancy, the guide helps you how to prevent swollen vagina. A pregnant women body will go through many physical changes, which also could be swollen vagina; a swollen vagina could be disturbing issue that could make women fearful.

This physical issue specifies that there is a medical problem with primary ailment. As a pregnant woman you need to understand the reason of this issue and how you can prevent it.

Causes of Swollen Vagina:


Women mainly during pregnancy period should ensure that vagina area is clean and maintain many hygienic conditions. She should not use public toilets, should mostly stay at home and use various creams to keep vagina clean.


An infected vagina leads to edema, which results in liquid discharge. This can be caused due to unnecessary fluids poised in the tissues around the vagina area.

Hard Intercourse:

Couple should almost stay away from sex during pregnancy, when they stay for too long can also build virginal infection.

Usage of Creams:

Using creams to clean vagina can also lead to vaginal infection, because some creams provide chemical reactions. Consult a skin specialist before using any creams, as few women skin has allergies and reactions to few creams.

Moist Vagina:

Women have their vagina most of the time moist, which allows fungal and bacterial attacks. Ensure to dry the vagina after shower and then apply any creams.

PCOD or PCOS Issues:

If a women has PCOD or PCOS problem, this will gradually secret white discharge near the vagina and women don’t clean it frequently. This can lead to infection and swollen vagina in most of the cases.

Swollen Vagina Prevention:

Good Hygiene Conditions:

Women during pregnancy should take care to clean there vagina and also the place where they spend more time. The toilets should be cleaned every day without fail. It’s advised not use other toilets.

Creams And Gels:

Uses gels prescribed by skin doctors, as the chemical property in the cream many have side effects, this lead to irritation and swelling of vagina.

Physical Contact:

Couple should stop having physical contact. This is extremely important as this can also sometimes have other infections in women.

Use Garlic:

Garlic is the only best remedy that can cure swollen vagina quickly. You can insert a garlic piece in vagina for few hours and see the change.

Use Hot Water:

Pregnant women should use hot water to clean the vagina most of the time. This has scientific reasons to keep the vagina clean and reduce infections.

Use Turmeric Powder:

Using turmeric powder also has great effect in preventing infections in vagina. It has all the anti-bacterial and viral properties to stop infection.

Updated: Mar 3, 2017 — 1:11 pm
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