Side Effects Of Antibiotics In Women

Women have many long term side effects of antibiotics, we use antibiotics for many illnesses, but when it comes to women they have many side effects.

Antibiotic medications are drugs which are used for stomach, menstrual cycle, fever, cold, cough and mostly any viral or bacterial infections. It could work to cure the disease but the research has also shown that women are prone to fungal infection, pregnancy issues and probiotic bacteria. Read through to know how antibiotics affect women’s body.

Side Effects Of Antibiotics In Women:

Fungal infection:

When using antibiotics the PH factor in the body becomes imbalanced, due to which women may increase the risk of fungal infection. If women are using more antibiotics women can discuss about the fungal infection with the doctor.

Family Planning:

Use of antibiotic pills will decrease the effectiveness of family planning drugs. Due to this women experience pregnancy as a result of using the pills. So when couples are going for family planning its suggested not to use antibiotic pills, rather use other family planning methods.

Pregnant women and Nursing Mothers:

When women belonging to this group use antibiotics, it could affect children. This is the reason many doctors prescribe “safe antibiotics”. If these women have any cough, cold, fever, it’s not advised to use medicine by them, but take drugs under the supervision of doctors. This is good for both lactation mothers and pregnant women.

Probiotic Bacteria:

A Probiotic bacterium is found in yogurt and garlic, having this better than using antibiotics, the probiotic bacteria can cure minor illness. In case you have to use antibiotic drugs as a compulsive, then try eating more of probiotic bacteria food.

This is health education for women, as its important for them to know the Side Effects Of Antibiotics. Today’s women visit doctors for all silly reasons, when they have all medicines at home. Using antibiotics also has other health problems. Follow the above said tips and keep away from antibiotics or use them only under medical supervision.

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