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What Happens If You Thyroid During Pregnancy?

Normally 2 types of thyroid are present, Hypo tyroidzam where thyroid hormone is produced in lesser quantity. Hyper thyroudizam means where the thyroid hormone is produced in large quantity. In the majority of people,we can find hypo thyroidizam. Thyroid hormone is useful for metabolic activity in ever y part of the body, it can be… Read More »

Major Problems During Pregnancy First Trimester And Treatment

The role of mother is significant during pregnancy, women should be aware of health issues even prior to conception. Most women are, however ignorant of the possible consequence and neglecting their pregnancy health. Below are tips for pregnant women to know before pregnancy and the process of treatment. When women get pregnant, they will have… Read More »

Best Time For Women To Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant is the most happiest and lovely moment for any women. Today, let’s talk about what is the best time for women to get pregnant, as most of the women have various issues like, somewhat to conceive children after a few years, this may be due to health and wealth issues, sometimes the mother-in-laws… Read More »