Major Problems During Pregnancy First Trimester And Treatment

The role of mother is significant during pregnancy, women should be aware of health issues even prior to conception. Most women are, however ignorant of the possible consequence and neglecting their pregnancy health. Below are tips for pregnant women to know before pregnancy and the process of treatment.

When women get pregnant, they will have few medical problems, when they become pregnant the doctor’s diagnosis them with tests such as hemoglobin, sugar, thyroid in the first month and then they will be once again diagnosed in the 5th month.

Common problem for Pregnant Women:

Blood pressure: this is called induced hypertension, this occurs only in pregnancy and this will only be noticed after 20 months.

Gestational diabetes: In a few women after 20 months into pregnancy, they may have gestational diabetes.

Liver disorder: also called as obstructive jaundices, cholestasis of pregnancy because this will only be seen during pregnancy, this disorder is very rare, but few women have been diagnosed if they have low blood platelets, called thrombocytopenia of pregnancy.
Immunity: most of the women are sometimes depressed during pregnancy and may have less immune power.

There are very less disorders that get carried on after pregnancy, blood pressure is one disorder that can be carried on after pregnancy as well. Next is diabetes, which gets carried on, but its continuity is very less. Other disorders such as liver disorder, immunity don’t get continued after pregnancy.

Why women need to have Laparoscopic surgery? Do they get pregnant after laparoscopic surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery for pregnancy

Laparoscopic surgeries are done when women don’t get pregnant or irregular periods. Laparoscopy is performed to know if the fallopian tubes are blocked. It’s just a diagnosis, but not the final test to become pregnant.

Even after marriage women may not get pregnant, doctors may perform HSD test, cystoscopy test and then finally laparoscopic surgery. These are all a part of diagnosis tests performed to know what is wrong, but not for women to get pregnant.

Does over weight affect pregnancy?

overweight during pregnancy

It’s good to know the height, weight table, when people with 5.4 inch height or above 70 Kgs, then they may have problems with pregnancy. If an overweight women is looking to get pregnant, she should practice daily exercise to reduce weight, as women gain weight during pregnancy. A normal women automatically gains 8 kgs of weight when she gets pregnant.


What is Pregnancy Counseling? Why is it important for Pregnant Women?

importance of pregnancy counseling

In case few women have medical issues before pregnancy, like asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, fits etc.. So for these women’s pregnancy counseling is important, as these women were already using medicines for the disorders. It’s important for women with medical problems to approach a gynecology doctor for planning a pregnancy.


What Is Lactational Amenorrhea And Why Pregnancy Women Should Know?

Lactational amenorrhea is where women won’t have periods after a child delivery for many months. Women with Lactational amenorrhea can also get pregnant. Women after first pregnancy won’t know when they become pregnant again, for this they should perform a Transvaginal ultrasound; this diagnosis will let them know when they got pregnant for the second time.


Can Women Go For Normal Delivery After Cesarean?
No, once a woman gets operated by cesarean, doctors will never advise to get a normal delivery. You can try for normal delivery for the 2nd baby, if and only the mother is strong and healthy. For the 3rd delivery a woman should never go for normal deliver. It can harm both mother and child.

Why Pregnant Women Get Depressed And Stressed?

When women get pregnancy, she will have changed in the body, she will have vomiting sensations. Few women will have vomiting if they eat, some will have vomiting if they smell few food items. Vomiting is the main cause for women to get depressed. Some women are diagnosed with hyperemesis gravid arum, where women have frequent vomiting’s.


What Happens When A Woman Has High Sugar Rates During Pregnancy?

Normally, women with high sugar levels should first go for a glycosylated hemoglobin test, if the test shows sugar results greater than 7 percent, then doctors will advise her to take Insulin every day.

If women with huge sugar level continue to get deliver a baby, the baby might have a heart or neural tube defects. So when sugar levels are controlled after taking insulin, there would be any issues. But if the sugar level doesn’t reduce, then most doctors advise to stop pregnancy.


What happens when women with less hemoglobin get pregnant?

Preconception counseling and advice is very important for women, when planning for pregnancy. Most of the pregnancy issues today’s women have in the world are anemia, where the blood levels are less. Women to reduce anemia should eat iron rich food, dry fruits, Jaggery. These foods are found naturally and increase hemoglobin in women. Once women have good levels of hemoglobin, she can go for the pregnancy process. Taking rich green vegetables have get amount of iron, so add them to your diet every day. Don’t take the white refined sugar, a better way is to use Jaggery, which is called bellam, take it with normal food you have every day.


What is Rubella Vaccine? Why today’s women should know about rubella vaccine?

Even before women gets married, she should get rubella vaccine. This can be given to girls at the age of 15, 16 years. What this vaccine does it stops women from getting a rubella infection when pregnant. Females who are diagnosed with rubella infection mostly get an abortion.

Women should openly speak about their issues with doctors, they shouldn’t hide anything. Girls after marriage try hiding health related issues with husband and mother-in-law. What doctors suggest is to speak about the issues openly and get preconception counseling.


Does every woman have back pain during pregnancy?

Yes, as pregnant women get weight, the stomach moves forward and center of gravity changes, so when in sitting posture or standing they should have support. When sitting they should have a cushion behind their back. You can consult the doctor for pain killers.

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