How Clothing is Affecting Women’s Health?

I feel women would be very curious to know about the topic of How Clothing Is Affecting Women’s Health?

A recent research done by British chiropractic association (BCA) have revealed that women needs to stop.

Wearing tight jeans: this will prevent movement of muscles of the body and have various muscle and blood circulation issues.

Wearing tight jeans issues for women

Women should stop wearing heavy hand bags.

heavy hand bags issues in women

Women should also stop wearing high heels, this will cause many bone related issues in the legs.

wearing high heels issues in women

The research have told the right ones, as today modern fashion trends mainly for women is getting too dangerous in various means.

Women are just looking for beauty needs and forgetting the health issues that might cause in few years.

Updated: Mar 29, 2017 — 2:35 pm
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