Best Time For Women To Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant is the most happiest and lovely moment for any women. Today, let’s talk about what is the best time for women to get pregnant, as most of the women have various issues like, somewhat to conceive children after a few years, this may be due to health and wealth issues, sometimes the mother-in-laws forces to get pregnant, in such cases its good to know when to get pregnant.

The Best age for women to get pregnant: Normally from 18 to 35 years women are supposed to get pregnant, as their body produced quality ovarians which help in having strong children.

Most of the doctors prefer that a woman should get pregnant from age of 22 to 28. From an age group of 18 to 22 women may not be as matured and can have health or family issues.

If a woman gets pregnant after 35 years the ovarian eggs are bit week and quality of pregnancy reduces. We can expect children with few health problems. This is called aging, where a woman look younger from outside, but the ovarian quality will reduce.

Best Time For Woman To Get Pregnant:

Best Time For Woman To Get Pregnant

After Menstruation, when men and women have an intercourse in the 14th or 15th day, a woman can easily get pregnant. Which means after mensuration, it’s exactly at the end of the second week the strong ovarian eggs are produced and at this time when the couple have intercourse, there is a 90 percent chance that women become pregnant. This is also called fertile zone.

Country Culture and Pregnancy:

Country Culture and Pregnancy

Every country has a different culture, if you have taken the western culture they don’t have the pressure to get married or even if married they are not pressurized to conceive kids. If you take in Asian countries where it has different culture, men and women are forced to get pregnant very soon,because parents or grandparents what’s their children to get married when the sperm is strong and when the ovarian is strong.

Never blame the adults,they are more experienced. After marriage, they want the women to conceive within 3 years because as the couple gets older the fertility strength decreases in both genders.

Having children soon will create an emotional bond between the couple.

Precautions for Women to Avoid Pregnancy:

Natural family planning
Female condoms
Oral contraceptives
Contraceptive patch
Vaginal ring
Intrauterine devices

Tests performed when women are pregnant:

When the mensuration cycle is stopped it means that a woman’s need has become pregnant, this will be confirmed when she visits gynecologist.

Normally the first test can be a urine test
Hemoglobin test, thyroid test, blood group of women,

Do the women have any viral infection?

These are the normal test performed and if all the tests show good output,then doctors advise her to go for pregnancy.

woman with down syndrome pregnant:

Children born with down syndrome will have disturbed mind, families takes more time to bring the child with down syndrome, as management of the baby becomes hard.

Normally, down syndrome is a genetic disorder and this can be predicted in the third of pregnancy.

Why Indian women have Anemia,hemoglobin deficiency or iron deficiency?

There are many specific reasons for this, when the focutes is growing oxygen is one element that is highly required, when the baby is growing, all the parts are getting developed very fast, the brain, eyes,hear,kidneys and all other organs,these organs require huge amount of oxygen.

The reason for anemia in women or men is due to change in food habits. For the last 20 years women mainly started taking more junk food, they have been excessively eating food in bakery, hotels, restaurants. Anemia happens when there is no IRON in the body, its called iron deficiency and almost 80 percent of girls are given iron pills when pregnant.

Parents should give food filled with iron, green leaves, vegetables and eggs is three main food filled with Iron. Folic acid pills are given to every woman when pregnant.

How healthy should a pregnant woman be?

Women’s weight is one aspect, most of the women take care of their weight and they try not to cross 35 to 40 Kgs. Other women weigh around 80 to 100 kgs. This shows that women are either taking less food or more food which is not a balanced diet. The under weight and over weight problems are more seen today in urban cities, when the weight is less, it means that their body doesn’t have enough source of vitamins and proteins for the baby growth.

Overweight women are eating more than required, it means they have less vitamins and more fat. So in this case either husband, a doctor or family members should educate women to follow a healthy diet.

Pollution Affect on Pregnancy Women:

Every urban cities are highly polluted and this means it would be air, water, food pollution, women living in such places get more health issues, especially when pregnant. The infection rate also is more in urban areas. With such pollution even women may not get pregnant. Even if they become pregnant, they may have an abortion after 3 months,this is called cervical incompetence.

Women in metro cities should know how to maintain hygienic conditions. Mainly how they should keep the vigina clean, how to toilets when using outside, they should consult the doctor to know what liquids to use to clean the private parts.

Cervicaancerl c vaccine:

cervical cancer is caused by a virus. The invention of this vaccine has saved million of girls, the vaccine can be taken from the age of 9 to 44, this vaccine helps stop the cervical cancer virus entering the body. Actually the innovation is great, where many women didn’t know the exact reason why they were unable to get pregnant. After taking this vaccine many women got pregnant at exact age.

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