Simple Oil Massage To Cure Aching Joints And Fatigue

People aged about 40 and 50 are prone to have aching joints and fatigue, to cure the pain there is a simple oil that can treat any kind of joint pains permanently.

Aching Joints and Fatigue can be causes due to various reasons and some of them could be during menopause, flu, weight gain, diarrhea, chills, tired of work and after pregnancy. The primary complaints from people in USA, Canada, India and Australia are very much related old age pains, as people get older they the friction in bones reduces which leads to joint pains like sudden onset aching, stiff joints, swollen achy joints, extreme fatigue aching and constant fatigue.

Aching Joints and Fatigue can be cured with simple oil massage, these kinds of massages could have low impact in the beginning, but if it is practiced for several months then it could be a permanent solution. Let us take a look at the wonderful traditional oil that can cure aching joints.

Mustard Oil to Cure Aching Joints and Fatigue:

Mustard oil is traditional oil that has been used by Ayurveda gurus in treating many diseases and disorders. The best part of mustard oil is it can be used on skin to make changes internally.

If you are an Indian, then you must know about the pickles that are prepared in every home. The main ingredient in any Indian pickle would be Mustard powder. Every pickle is prepared using mustard powder and then stored in a jar. After few days the jar is opened to find the mustard oil turned into semi oil. Mustard oil has plenty of health benefits, when consumed in this manner it can control internal digestion, cholesterol and weight gain issues.  Now let us see how it can help in curing join pains.

Mustard Oil Massage To Cure Aching Joints And Fatigue:


Purchase organic Mustard oil from food stores or order it online. Take 2 teaspoons of this oil and keep massaging the parts where you have severe joint pains.   It can be applied anywhere on the body, mostly it is applied to knee pains and back aches. Doing this massage twice a day will reduce the pain and also help recover the bone health.


Mustard Powder and Onions to Cure Aching Joints And Fatigue:


If you didn’t find the mustard oil, then you purchase mustard seeds and make it into powder.

Mix equal amounts of mustard powder and onions. Now apply this mixture on the joint pains. This will also help relax the muscles and joints.

Updated: Aug 8, 2017 — 6:21 am
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