Simple Medicine Treating Scorpion Sting (Bite)

The simple home remedy or medicine that can treat any kind of scorpion sting would surprise you, as this medicine can be found in every one’s home.  Even the deadliest bark scorpion sting can be treated with the home remedy.

Scorpion Stings can be dangerous when there is no quick medical treatment; people have even dead or got paralyzed due to scorpion bite. In most of the cases farmers, labors, field workers are the ones who are more prone to scorpion bites. Even people researching in forest like amazon have experienced dangerous scorpion bites. When there is no medical treatment or the medicine is not working quickly to treat the scorpion bite, and then go with the simple home remedy. Make sure people doing field works should carry there medicine with them.

The medicine is mostly used in India. Of course not today, but few gurus have still been using this medicine in Ayurveda to eliminate deadly poisons from the body. This process could shock scientists but known this could help millions of people living in forests and open lands.

Simple Medicine Treating Scorpion Sting (Bite):


Camphor is the best and perfect medicine to remove the poison from a Scorpion Sting. Here learn the process of how camphor can help remove the poison from human body.

  1. Take half cup of apple juice and add a gram of camphor and mix it well and drink.
  2. Now in 30 minutes, you see the poison going out of the body through urine and sweat.


Scorpion Pest Control:


Camphor can also be used as scorpion pest control; you can add two pieces of camphor in a glass of water and place it in place where you think the scorpions are entering the home.