How To Get Rid Of Grey Hair Naturally

How to make grey hair black naturally? Or How to Get Rid of Grey Hair Naturally is the normal query from men and women or individuals aged above 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17.

I know people looking to get rid of grey hair and failed completely with the use hair products and hair pills. Even some have also tried using hair shampoos. Grey hair can be formed on head, eyebrows, during pregnancy, face and beard. There are many reasons for the formation of grey hair, but the primary one’s could be due to lifestyle change and climatic changes in various places.

The home remedies provided below are the best ones that can prevent and cure grey hair permanently. There are many simple ayurvedic medicines like coconut and amla that can help get rid of grey hair fast and forever.  Try following any of these home remedies that can were good grey hair reversal success stories.

How To Get Rid Of Grey Hair Naturally:

Get Rid Of Grey Hair With Coconut Oil:


Coconut oil and lemon juice for grey hair. Combine 3 tsp of lemon juice in some coconut oil and apply the mixture to the scalp, coconut oil reverse grey hair, as it is the traditional method that was used since ages and still the best way to combat any hair and skin issues.

Get Rid Of Grey Hair With Blackstrap Molasses:


Blackstrap molasses can reduce grey hair problem fast. Eat 1 TBSP of backstrap molasses each morning for months to see great results.

How To Get Rid Of Grey Hair With Tea:


Black tea has the ability to darken the hair naturally.

Pour some back tea or massage it on hair for several times.

How to Get Rid Of Grey Hair At Young Age:


Black sesame is another best way to get rid of grey hair at young age. If your kids are around 12, 13, 15, 16 years of age. Make them eat the black sesame seeds every day. Do this for about 3 months and you will see a great change the color of the hair forever.

How To Get Rid Of Grey Hair With Herbal Medicine:


Shikakai the age old home remedy used by Indian women, I don’t know if you can get this in herbal store in other countries. You can order this online.

Take around 5 pieces of shikakai and mix it with 10 nut seeds in bowl of water, live it for a night. Next morning apply it along with the shampoo on the hair. It’s a great herbal remedy to get rid of grey hair.

How To Get Rid Of Grey Hair In Ayurveda:


Curry leaves are found all over the world. This is another simple way to prevent grey hair. The most essential leaves used in Ayurveda.

Take handful of curry leaves with a tablespoon of coconut oil, make sure they are charred.

Now massage this on the hair, leave it for 30 minutes and then wash it with warm water.

Amla And Henna For Grey Hair:

Amla and Henna are two major products that are used in every shampoo, hair oils and creams.

Let’s see how they can help remove grey hair.

Take a cup of henna leaves and grind it into paste. Now add 3 teaspoons of Indian gooseberry powder and 1 teaspoon of coffee powder and little yogurt. Now mix it well and apply over the hair.

Wait until the hair is dried totally and now take a shower.

Get Rid Of Grey Hair Naturally At Home Using Onion Juice:


Onion has been recently used in treating many hair issues. I mean to say it even worked in recovering the bald hair, the best medicine for hair regrowth.

Onion is also used in curing the grey hair issues.

Apply onion juice on the scalp and massage it. Do this every day for about 30 minutes. Do this for few weeks to see the hair become shiny and make it black. Onion is considered the best juicing to get rid of grey hair.

Juicing To Get Rid Of Grey Hair:


Amaranth leaves can be another best juicing to get rid of gray hair. Apply the juice extracted from amaranth leaves on the places where you see the grey hair.

How To Get Rid Of Grey Hair With Nutrition:


Eat food that are rich in biotin foods like eggs, soya beans, buts, berries, sea food are the best sources of biotin and the ones to get rid of grey hair with nutrition.

Get Rid Of Grey Hair With Potato Skin Peels:


This the new way to get rid of grey hair with potato skin peels. Take handful of potato peels and add them to 2 cups of boiling water. Let it boil for about 10 minutes. Now filter the potato peels and let the potato water become cool. Now apply this using a brush on the hair.

Wait for 10-20 minutes and you will see the hair gets black. Potato peel juice is the best way to get rid of grey hair in 30 minutes.

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