Home Remedies To Control Gas Trouble Permanently

Gas Trouble is a major concern of today’s generation; acidity and gas trouble go hand in hand. The simple home remedies in this health article can help you not only control but also permanently treat gas trouble and provide complete relief to stomach.

I know many of my friends and relatives with gas trouble have experienced various side effects using pills to control gas. When gas trouble increases the acidity increases and causes pain in chest, bloated stomach and constipation. If you still relay on pills to control gas, then it would just be a temporary solution.

Burping and trouble breathing are the first symptoms of gas trouble. Slowly you can find the food is getting digested very slowly. Ayurveda has got the best home remedies to control gas trouble permanently.

Before we go into the remedies, I would like to share the causes of gas trouble.

Gas Trouble Causes:

Alcohol: Alcohol addiction is a major cause of gas and acidity. Hospitals have recorded plenty of cases with gas trouble, not just in USA or UK, but all over the world the cases have increases past 5 years.

Drinking alcohol every day can actually reduce the metabolic activities and reduces digestion. There are other problems associated with alcohol, but the one that intimates that we need to stop drinking alcohol is gas trouble.

Drinking Water After Food: People all over the world have this habit of drinking a glass full of water after eating food. This idea is a bad which no doctors will tell you, avoid drinking water for at least 1 hour after food.

Drinking water after food will dissolve the hydrochloric acid that is generated to digest the food.  Which the acid is cooled, then the digestion process will take 4-5 hours. This is another major cause of gas trouble.

Not Maintaining Particular Time To Eat: You need to maintain a perfect time for eating. If you eat lunch every day at 2 pm, then make sure you take lunch exactly at 2 pm every day.

If for any reason you take food in different timings, then gas trouble and acidity are quickly to hit the stomach.

Processed food and junk: at the age of 20, there won’t be any issues with digestion. Once you have crossed 25 or 30 years, then you can see the digestion of processed food and junk can cause severe gas trouble.


Home Remedies To Control Gas Trouble:

  • Dried ginger and Jaggery should be taken in equal proportions and grand them into powder. Now mix the powder in a glass of warm water. Do this every day with empty stomach.
  • Mix Coriander seeds and Dried Ginger powder in equal amount and mix it with warm water. Drinking will quickly help revel gas trouble.
  • Add 1 tea spoon of ginger juice and little Jaggery powder to a glass of warm water. Drink this the mornings to avoid stomach bloating.

The above said Home Remedies To Control Gas Trouble will also provide a permanent solution if used for 3 months. Use any one remedy that is working great for you.

Updated: Aug 8, 2017 — 12:07 pm
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