Habits to Develop to Quit Smoking

This article is about quit smoking help and habits to develop to quit smoking. There are best ways to stop smoking, but the point is follow them in a way as nicotine is dangerous and addictive material for humans. Instead of avoiding this habit, people still look for alternatives, like nicotine patches, gums and Nicorette gum. Giving up smoking is always a toughest task, be it men or women.

If you take a look at smokers, about 50% of them die every year with lung cancer. People who are called chain smokers are more prone to have lung cancer. The main reason why smoking is such a dangerous habit is because it contains 7000 ingredients which are harmful to the body. If you want to know what all a cigarette contains, such search for “ingredients used in cigarette” to know the answer.

Taking the smoke inside the body reaches lungs and left out, if you are active smoker then you could quickly get disorders like strokes, pulmonary diseases and heart failures.

Smoking actually increases the levels of cortisol which in turn lowers the power of immune system, hence, such people starts of having diabetes, infertility issues.

The habit of smoking can come at any age groups, but getting addiction is the main problem. When there is craving to smoke, it means you have been addicted. There are plenty of foods and exercise which stops the craving for cigar. Follow the below tips to quit smoking.

Habits to Develop to Quit Smoking:

Eat Magnesium Rich Foods:

Cigar addiction happens because the brain starts liking the nicotine. To decrease this craving you much ear more magnesium foods like, Almonds, Peanuts, Quinoa and Black Beans.


The acupuncture specialist place needles in certain points of mouth and chest which makes you to quit smoking. Which i mean to say is the tobacco urge is reduced.

Physical Exercise:

Physical exercise will help the nervous system of brain to stop the craving to have a cigarette. You can also try few yoga asana to help quit smoking.


Lemon has good source of vitamin C, which reduces the temptation to smoke. Just keep smelling a lemon or cut it into half and keep licking it every 5 minutes.

Olfactory Training:

Olfactory Training is also called smell training. Here the smokers are provided with certain smells which stops the urge to smoke. Like for example the smell of ruined eggs and fish will kill the sensation of smoking. If you are looking to quit smoking for the Olfactory Training in your area.

Lemon Oil And Eucalyptus Oil:

Here is another latest home remedy that can be prepared in no time.
Purchase lemon essential oil and Eucalyptus essential oil.
Now mix these two oils equally.

Now add this mixture in a jar and add little black pepper.
Now take a cotton ball and deep in this mixture. Keep the cotton ball under the nose to stop the craving and sensation to stop. This method was successful and most of them have at least avoided few cigarettes a day.