Cook Food with This Oil To Lose Weight In A Month

Weight loss is always a continuous process. Most people don’t have exact awareness of weight loss, some people overlook into this issue.

People believe that only exercises and workouts can reduce weight. This is true to some extent that with workouts you can lose weight. But, once you have gained weight, you have to make lot of changes in lifestyle to reduce fat around the stomach.

The peculiarity is that some small changes can also get an excellent result. But, most of them are unaware or don’t know about the small changes. Let us look at one of small tip that can help reduce quickly.

Oil To Lose Weight In A Month:

The oil that needs to be replaced with the regular vegetable oil is “coconut oil”. Add this oil to the food you cook, which are the curries you prepare at home.


Normally, coconut oil is applied to hair, but the truth is it can also be used as cooking oil. You can also find separate cooking coconut oil in stores.

As coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids, which helps in prevent fat formation in heart. Likewise it can remove bad fat, which is cholesterol in blood. Coconut also contains vitamin E which makes the skin glow.

Coffee To Lose Weight:

Now the science has also said that the fast way to lose weight is to combine coconut oil and coffee, this is also a rapid way to lose weight.

Coffin present in coffee can help reduce the calories in the body. Taking one cup of coffee every day helps in keeping us active and also reduces weight.

Using vegetable oil, there is more scope of long chain fatty acids formation, instead when you use coconut oil the fat is converted to medium chain fatty acid.

Normally, coffee and Tea are not best for reducing weight, but we all have been addicted to drink then at least twice a day, hence, it is suggested that drink coffee with a combination of tea spoon of edible coconut oil.

Updated: Aug 7, 2017 — 1:38 pm
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