Computer Strained Eyes Home Remedy

I am also writing this post watching a computer screen; I know I already have eye sight. I want you to know the best home remedy to treat computer strained eyes.

Almost 70% people on earth have some sort of eye problem. Even school going children have eye sight and wear specs at a very small age. What is exactly causing this issue?

I am sharing my experience here: I recently visited a village to collect some herb samples, when I went to ask a farmer for help, he took me to his agricultural land. I slowly interacted with him about his health. I was shocked to see that he never used eye glass in his life. None of his family members have eye sight.

Further, he also told me that his life is dedicated to farming and he hardly loves watching Television. He has his old Radio and listens to news updates and old songs.

By now I think you should understand why the older generations has very less eye problems and today we have developed technology is designing the best eye glasses but still unable to stop health issues.

Every employees in offices has to sit before the computer to do any kind of work. The issues here is that people sit for long hours, like say for 5 hours without getting up from desk and then we can’t live without smartphone. We stopped talking to each other and our life is dedicated to social media. The cheap internet rates have given us an option to sit where every we are and watch movies and connect friends.

Computers and smartphones are electronic devices where it can only be powered with electricity, for sure when you watch the screen for long hours, it will damage the eyes. In the beginning it could be nothing to worry but as time goes on the eyes can’t recover.

I just want to share a home remedy to treat eye strains for users using more of computers, laptops and smartphones.

Computer strained eyes home remedy

Carrot juice and 1 tsp honey.

This is a single home remedy that be used for 2 months to recovery any eye problems. It’s not just for strained eyes but any issues of eyes can be treated quickly.

Make 1 cup of carrot juice and add 1 tbsp honey. Mix it well and drink this before breakfast for 2 months to see the change.

Updated: Aug 31, 2017 — 10:47 am
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