Cervical Cancer Treatments

Cervical cancer, or cancer of the cervix, starts on the surface of the cervix. In lots of cases, cervical cancer may be connected with known risk factors for the illness.

An abnormal screening history – Women who’ve not on a regular basis had a Pap test are in higher risk of cervical cancer. The prevention of sexually transmitted diseases reduces the danger of cervical cancer.

Smoking – smoking cigarettes is connected with an increased danger of cervical cancer.

Cervical Cancer Phases & Stages:

Early phases of cervical cancer don’t involve pain or other symptoms. Together, pelvis examinations and Pap tests can detect most instances of cervical cancer.

In case the biopsy confirms cancer, further tests may ascertain if the disease has spread. These tests may include liver as well as kidney function studies, blood as well as urine tests, as well as X rays of the urinary bladder, rectum, bowels, and abdomen cavity.

Stage two – Cancer has spread beyond the cervix, but hasn’t yet spread to the pelvis wall. Phase III – Cancer has spread to the lower 3rd of the vaginal and can have spread to the pelvis wall and nearby lymph nodes. The treatment team for a female with cervical cancer includes a gynecologic oncologist.

Cervical Cancer Treatments:

Recommended treatment for cervical cancer is situated on lots of factors including the stage of the illness, the age of the patient and overall health of the woman, as well as the woman’s desire for future childbearing.

The 3 primary treatments to get cervical cancer are radiation, chemotherapy and operation. Radiation or chemotherapy can be utilized to treat cancer which has spread past the pelvis or cancer which has recurred.

Different types of surgery are utilized to treat for cervical cancer. In women with invasive cervical cancer that’s caught at the earliest stage, the 5 year comparable survival rate has ended 90%.

The overall 5 year comparable survival rate to get cervical cancer is about 68%. The rate takes into account all phases of the cancer combined. Women may take some steps to prevent cervical cancer.

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