Body Pains: Latest Natural Treatment

Follow the best natural treatment for body pain relief, the home remedies can treat body ache after surgery, tiredness, fatigue, body pain after sex, gym, work, squats, stress, aerobics and pregnancy.  Women do suffer from severe pain before periods and work load. These home remedies can quickly provide pain relief.

What could be reasons for body pains? There could be plenty and various from every individual. The common reasons for body pain are over work load, this could be for house hold women, men working in office and children outdoor games. Mainly, men sitting before their computer for hours can lead to body pains as they are not exercising the body enough.

As you know, after a surgery we undergo pains for several days. Even people after the age of 50 and above have extreme body pains. The below body aches remedies will also work for people with fibromyalgia pain, afebrile influenza, chills fatigue body ache, arthritis and fatigue sore throat.

The natural spices and herbs below could be a great treatment options for body pain relief.


Body Pains: Latest Natural Treatment:


Turmeric For Body Pains:


Turmeric is a healthy spice that has been used in Asian countries. Every curry cooked is added with little amounts of turmeric powder. Women in India love apply the turmeric paste over the face and foot. As, it not helps in body pain relief but also great for skin care. Turmeric contains curcumin which acts as a antioxidant and helps in recovering the damaged cells in the body. Any kind of inflammation can be cured. Children and women with body aches during fever can also add a half tsp of turmeric in warm milk and drink. If you are suffering from osteoarthritis, taking turmeric every day can provide great relief.

Willow Bark For Body Pains:


Willow trees are grown all over the world. Willows contain salicylic acid, which acts as anti-inflammatory medicine that acts as painkiller and reduces fever. You can always prepare a Willow bark tea to quickly get pain relief. The willow bark can treat any kind of back pains, tummy aches, headaches and also kidney issues.

Cloves For Body Pains:


Cloves contain eugenol, which is compound to relive pain instantly. I recently had toothache and all i did was to keep a single clove in the mouth and chew it for an hour. I saw there was instant relief and i did it for 3 days and had completely cured the tooth infection as well. Try this if you have severe tooth or gum problems.

Acupuncture For Body Pains:


It is an old age process of curing any kind of chronic pains. Consult a good acupuncture clinic near by to see how quickly you can have pain reliefs.

Updated: Aug 21, 2017 — 6:00 am
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