Best Natural Remedies for Americans to Prevent Diseases

The health information is specific to American society; the natural remedies talked in this article are the ones which can prevent many lifestyle diseases that Americans are suffering today.

Most of the Americans are meat eaters. A lot of beef, red meat, pork and chicken are consumed by Americans in various forms. Americans love processed food, this the main reason for overweight, diabetes, cervical cancer, colon cancer, dementia, Alzheimer and high blood pressure.

Not only for Americans but everyone should have health consciousness, hence it has been told that eating raw vegetables, nuts, fruits (not fruit juices) can help fight many diseases and improve the metabolic activates.

American health care has been making many changes, but the main change should be the people of America changing into organic way. Let us the best natural remedies for America to prevent diseases.

Natural Remedies for Americans to Prevent Diseases:

Coconut Oil:

Do people in America use coconut oil? If not then go right away to a store and purchase coconut oil, here there are two types of coconut oils, one of hair and skin and another for cooking.

You can use both of this to fight off Alzheimer and dementia. Try it and it works great. Make sure to apply coconut hair oil every day before going to sleep.

The edible coconut oil can be added to food cooked. In the beginning the smell of coconut oil could be different, but you will get used to the smell.

Do this for a month and check to how you can cure Alzheimer and dementia without using any pills.

Oregano Oil: Prevent Skin Diseases

Use Oregano oil instead of any other creams and oils that can have side effects. Oregano Oil has the ability to fight bad bacteria, harmful fungi to keep the skin safe. It the best natural oil to prevent dandruff, warts, acne and toothaches.

Vitamin D: Good for Bone Health

Where do we get natural vitamin D? Americans should know that Vitamin D is good for bone health and ample amounts of this is found sun rays. Yes, stand before the sun rise and sunset can increase the amount of vitamin D naturally.

Eating more of fishes like tuna and salmon are great sources of vitamin D. You can use organic cheese to increase the vitamin D.


Curcumin foods can prevent and cure many types of cancers. Mainly, it works great in curing cervical cancer and colon cancer. Add more of Turmeric in foods that are cooked.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is great in have a healthy metabolic activity. You can find high vitamin c in kiwi, bell peppers, citrus fruits and many leafy greens. Other fruits like apricots and apple.


Allicin foods can cure arthritis, asthma, athlete’s foot and many more diseases. Garlic has plenty of allicin and it the best antibacterial substance.


Cinnamon is oldest spice used to have a healthy living. It can help reduce heart strokes and remove cholesterol.

Cinnamon powder can be used while cooking meat and any vegetable curry. A pinch of cinnamon powder can be very useful for kids when treating fever, cough and cold.

Updated: Aug 8, 2017 — 8:01 am
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