Best Exercises For Scoliosis To Straighten Spine

Spinal cord is moved to left or right, which is called scoliosis. Scoliosis can take the shape of 2 types of curvature; one is C shaped and S Shaped. If the curvature happens at 2-3 places then this is known as multiple scoliosis. Scoliosis is 2 types, one is called congenital scoliosis and other is called idiopathic scoliosis.

Patience with scoliosis normally doesn’t know they are suffering from a spine disorder. But, they come with a complaint of having severe back pain. Even most of the times doctors give treatment for slip disc, spondylitis or gap disc. Any of these treatments don’t give any benefits.

After having tests and taking scan of back, the doctors can confirm that particular patient is suffering from scoliosis and doctors suggest a surgery. The cost of scoliosis surgery is very high and normal middle class people cannot afford such treatment that costs 5 lakhs.

Below are the best exercises and acupressure tips to cure Scoliosis at home. Follow the Exercises For Scoliosis To Straighten Spine. With the below Exercises for Scoliosis one can get rid of Scoliosis in a span of month or 2. So, do the exercises with dedication.

Best Exercises For Scoliosis:


Use Sesame Oil:

Use sesame oil and massage the back in upward direction. Add more pressure push palms and thumbs in upward direction. Do it for 5 minutes every day in the morning and evening. This sesame massage helps cure scoliosis.

Folding Legs Posture:

Lie down on your back and fold your both knees and move them on to the cheast. Now try to touch your nose to knees. Wait for a while in this postion and come back to normal position. Do this for 5 times every day. This is the best Exercises For Scoliosis if done as many times every mornings.

Forward Bend Exercise:

Stand straight and raise your hand up and bend your trunk forward. Now touch the foot with fingers. When the fingers touch the foot, stop breathing. Wait for 5 seconds and get back to normal position. Do 10 bends every morning.

Back Bend Exercise:

Here you need to bend backward, place the palms over hip and bend backward. Do 10 bends every day.

Rotating Waist Exercise:

Put the hands on waist and rotate waist toward left side and hold the waist for 5 secs and now turn to the right side and hold there for 5 secs. Do this for about 10 times.

Tilt Trunk Exercise:

This is obviously the best exercise for Scoliosis, when the trunk is tilted in both sides then there are more chances of getting the spine straight.

Ball Stretch:

The ball stretch should be used to push the curvature of spine to correct position. If the curvature is on the left side then you need to sleep on the ball with right side. This allows pushing the spine to left. Consult a physiotherapist before doing the ball stretch exercise.

There are plenty of other Exercises For Scoliosis, but the fact is people will always have different shapes in the spine so its bit hard to confirm the exact exercise that will work. The above provided exercise are to provide complete back pain relief and will also help cure Scoliosis permanently of you do the exercise with determination.