Alcohol Benefits: Relieve Abdominal Pain, Body Pain

This is a secret which no doctor will share with you, using alcohol will benefit in relieving any kind of body pain and primarily abdominal pain.

In this method, alcohol is used on the body and not internally. Let us see who effective this method works in curing body pains.

Do you know the benefits of placing an alcohol soaked cotton in the belly (umbilicus)? This is an unknown but effective medicine in treating body pains in a natural way.

The replication of the clinical system is very well preserved. You can easily sit at home and do it easily. There is no specific procedure required for this treatment.

Relieve Abdominal Pain, Body Pain Fast:

Take some cotton, soak it in alcohol and place it on umbilicus.

This way you can reduce body pain occurring during coughs, fever, cold, abdominal, back pain and pain during constipation. People suffering with muscle pains can go with this procedure to relive the pain.

After placing the soaked cotton ball in the umbilicus, wear a bandage or towel.

The cotton soaked alcohol method can also help reduce sever lower abdominal pain. You can add little salt in alcohol and then dip a cotton ball and place it on umbilicus.


Relieving Abdominal Pain and Body Pain with pills can take time, but this treatment has immediate effect. Women after pregnancy have severe back pain they can also use this treatment to cure the pain.

Updated: Aug 1, 2017 — 7:41 am
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