7 Juices To Remove Heart Blockage Naturally

No doctor will tell you the permanent treatment to Remove Heart Blockage, but I have seen practical results with the 7 Juices to Remove Heart Blockage Naturally. These are simple vegetable juices that can prevent any kind of cardiac issues.

Always remember that prevention is better than cure, so from today follow at least one remedy that I have listed below.

Firstly, the cause of heart blockage is due to increase in acidity, when the acidity in blood increases the heart blockage increase.  The acidity is formed by the acid food we eat in our daily life, so which did Ayurveda guru tell, they have told use to eat more of alkaline food. Today am going to share the best alkaline food that can help Remove Heart Blockage Naturally.

You know Ramdev Baba, he has ashrams all over Indian to treat people with various diseases. He uses the simple herbal plants, roots, leaves, oils and yoga asanas to millions of people. The remedies provided below are shared by the patients who had heart attacks or heart congestions and now happy using these remedies.

If you go the Ramdev baba ashram you can even find doctors coming from faraway places in India. They are the ones with heart diseases. They stay in the ashram for about 1 month and cure disease.

So to every one reading the post follow the herbal juices to Remove Heart Blockage Naturally.

7 Juices to Remove Heart Blockage Naturally:

Bottle Gourd Juice:

Bottle Gourd Juice Remove Heart Blockage Naturally

Millions of Indian’s have cured hear attacks, cardiac diseases, brain hemorrhage, paralysis with drinking a glass of bottle gourd juice every day with empty stomach.  Prepare 1 glass of Bottle Gourd juice and drinking it daily, you can also cut them into pieces and eat then raw.


Tulsi Juice:

Add few leaves of Tulsi leave in a mixer and prepare a juice, add some water and drink it.

Pudina Juice:

Pudina Juice Remove Heart Blockage Naturally

Pudiana means Mint Juice. Same as Tuilsi juice, you can prepare Pudia Juice and add bit of salt and drink. You can find juice centers where they will prepare Pudia juice with added flavors.

Black Salt Powder:

Black Salt Powder Remove Heart Blockage Naturally

You can replace the normal iodized salt with the black salt powder for cooking food. You can also use this salt in any of juicing recipes in this article. Black salt powder has the ability to clean the arteries and make the blood alkaline.

Cow Urine:

This is another best solution to reduce acidity in blood, a natural way to Remove Heart Blockage. The urine from the cow should be collected in the early morning. Which is the best urine produced by cows. Ensure to take it from Indian cows, not the hybrid cows in other countries.

You can order cow urine from online patanjali stores. They have the pure form for cow urine.


For those lazy people who can’t prepare any kind of juice, can start eating carrots the whole day. Eat at least 5-6 carrots every day. Check your blood acidic levels after one month and you will see a lot of difference. Carrot helps remove Heart Blockage Naturally.


I know most you don’t like Radish, due to the smell it emits. Never mind, when you have heart problems the radish can help you clear the acidic content from blood and ensure you never have a heart blockage.

My Note on Remove Heart Blockage Naturally :

Ensure you eat 1 piece of: beetroot, carrot, radish every day along with the food. I mean breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For those who are alcoholic addicts, should ensure to eat salad when having alcohol. I mean a salad is a mixture all raw vegetables, tomato, onion, beetroot, carrot, radish, mint leaves and black pepper powder.

Updated: Jul 28, 2017 — 8:38 am
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