11 Foods (Diet) to Remove Heart Blockage Naturally

These diet or foods are for heart stokes patients who are looking to have a healthy heart and prevent heart attack once again. In USA, UK the cardiac cases have increased like never before, these is for those patients who are looking to stop having a heart stroke once again.

The simple food and diet plans can help you Remove Heart Blockage Naturally. Heart attacks have increased as people are consuming more of processed food. These people need to understand the importance of organic food, eating fruits, raw vegetables and nuts can really help improve the heart health.

These foods have been working great for alcoholic, smokers, computer workers, and smartphone addicts, so carry on reading the article and ensure to follow at least one diet plant to prevent heart attacks.

Foods to Remove Heart Blockage Naturally:

Salmon Fish:

Salmon Fish Remove Heart Blockage Naturally

It contains many healthy fatty acids which are naturally present in the fish. They have the ability to remove cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Tuna also is another fish to be included in the dite to Remove Heart Blockage Naturally and clean arteries.

Green Tea:

Green Tea Remove Heart Blockage Naturally

The main point about green tea is it reduces the absorption of cholesterol. This way it can benefit in Remove Heart Blockage Naturally. I have been drinking green tea since 2 years and has really helped me a lot.


Cheese Remove Heart Blockage Naturally

Not the machine made cheese; you can try man made organic cheese. I don’t about other countries, but in India you can find plenty of organic cheese.

It is actually a form of saturated fat that helps remove bad cholesterol levels and helps reduce heart stokes.

Olive oil:

Olive oil Remove Heart Blockage Naturally

Remove the normal oil you are using to cook food and replace it with olive oil, though the oil may be priced high, you can really have a healthy heart. Olive oil has many more benefits of health and primary one is to increase the alkaline content of the blood and remove Remove Heart Blockage Naturally.

Nuts (Dry Fruits):

walnuts and almonds Remove Heart Blockage Naturally

Always almonds and walnuts take the first place in cleaning the arteries. Try consuming 5-10 walnuts and almonds every day. They also activate the brain cells to keep you away from depression and stress.

Fruits to Remove Heart Blockage Naturally:

Orange Juice:

Orange Juice Remove Heart Blockage Naturally

Pure orange juice has many anti-oxidants, which can support healthy blood vessels. Moreover, it can help you deduce high blood pressure. Getting vitamin c is very important and by drinking 2 glass of fresh orange juice you will get full dosage of vitamin C.

Persimmon Fruit:

Persimmon Fruit Remove Heart Blockage Naturally

Most of you might never hear of Persimmon fruit, it known has divine fruit. It’s one fruit that can clear the arteries. Doctors have suggested this food to Remove Heart Blockage Naturally.


Watermelon Remove Heart Blockage Naturally

Wow, the sweet watery watermelon has the ability to clean the blood vessels and clean arteries as it contains nitric oxide. Have plenty of watermelon and reduce the cardiac problems.

Pomegranate Juice:

Pomegranate Juice Remove Heart Blockage Naturally

Eat the fruit or prepare a juice, but make sure you drink it every day. You can eat it in the mornings or at night before going to bed. Pomegranate is the best food to Remove Heart Blockage Naturally.

Cranberry Juice:

Cranberry Juice Remove Heart Blockage Naturally

Cranberry juice helps Remove Heart Blockage Naturally as it contains potassium which can remove cholesterol from blood. 40% of heart attacks can be reducing drinking 2 glass of cranberry juice every day.

Drinking 2 Cups Coffee:

The recent research has shown that 2 cups of coffee can reduce heart diseases by 20%, some other studies have shown that coffee is not good for health. But, the fact is drinking too much of coffee can increase acidic levels in blood, hence it’s not recommended to drink more than 2 cup a day.

Updated: Jul 28, 2017 — 3:05 pm
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