Steroids and its Effects on Bones

Steroids effects bones of human body, it is very necessary for teens to know the side effects when doing body building to increase the muscle quickly. The article will guide you step by step process of what will happen when you use steroids.

The teen health article will help youth understand why using steroids is dangerous for health, causes and its effect on bones.

Steroids are used for body building, but they are actually causing bone problems. The dangerous trends in GYM’S are truly causing health problems to youth.

Steroids and its Effects on Bones:

steroids effects on human body

Today’s youth is seriously looking to have a six pack body, almost 50 percent of college-going students are hitting GYMs every day.

Just in 3 to 6 months, they are trying to build huge muscles with great looking six pack.  Youth are looking to workout in GYMs for hours, it is the only exercise they think that will get them good body shape.

Youth is guided by wrong masters, they look at film stars who have a great looking body and take them as inspiration.

The GYM trainers to make a money are guiding the youth to take medicine, supplements to build muscles in short span, may in a few months the body will have muscle.

Most of the GYM’s in the world are in corporate style, which means they are looking to provide six pack most of the time.

Just for the sake of money GYM masters are using dangerous steroids, even youth is very happy paying for the steroids Effects . GYM is a fitness center, where a master will help students get into fitness zone.

Trainers are not professionals, but just have certifications, who are taking the huge sum.

Most of the new GYM’s have package systems, where each package takes huge money and say that in 6 months they will have 6 packs. Youth are going blind with this package system.

Steroids Effects:

Steroids Causes And Effects:

If you talk to any orthopedic professional, they will say most of the steroid cases have joint pains, many of the youth are visiting orthopedic doctors with the joint pain problems. Muscle cramps, muscle soreness, muscle torness,

Taking steroids will actually boost youth to get a good body shape, but after a few months, they will know the scenarios they have to face with bones.

Usage of anabolic steroids will increase muscle bulk,bone growth happens which causes side effects.

Long term use of steroids Effects leads to hormonal imbalance, in males, there will be changes in testosterones, even the femoral head blood supply will be shortened when the steroids are taking in young ages.

  1. Hypothalamus suppression
  2. Growth plate closes soon or growth stunt
  3. Avascular necrosis
  4. Cushing syndrome
  5. Adrenal hormones get suppressed
  6. Taking steroids Effects causes liver problems, cholesterol increases, BP increases, prostate problems, hair fall, gynecomastia, psychological problems, immunity of body reduces, calcium level in bone reduces which leads to osteoporosis, bones may easily get broken,

Doctors advice that using steroids and other supplement intakes do have various health issues. The Younger generation, they were doing their own exercises and asking the trainers of what supplements will get the more muscle in short span.

In the past people were asking for diet plan, but now they are asking for what supplements to be taken. There will be two side effects one is on their own body and other side effects to society.

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