How to Control Emotional Stress?

Controlling and dealing with emotional stress has been a problem of today’s humans.

Emotional stress has increased with the change in life style. Women and men work equally today, but the work pressure has been increased enormously.

How to Control Emotional Stress

Taken care of family, children, parents, grand parents, at the same time we have to deal with house hold work, paying bills. Emotional stress at work also is another issues for every individual. Dealing with work, managers and coworkers is also another way to increase stress.

what to do when emotionally stressed?

When a person is under pressure of any kind, he can be emotionally stressed. Women have been diagnosed with many cases, it has been hard for them to deal with house hold work, children and husband. In recent times the number of stress cases reported shows women are higher in the list.

The recent study shows that emotional stress can be easily reduced by having sun bath.

Normally, when you are in groups you don’t fell stressed. The study also says that the mood and stress hormone increases with different climatic conditions, if you take a rainy day, its almost chill and a person is really never stressed. In a hot and humid climate the mind almost free stressed.

The number of stress cases in city are more when compared to others. Major, cities in the world are busy.

Scientists have given a solution of people in metro cities to have a sun bath. People need to sit before the sun at sun raise and sun set. This is the only time the sun rays can distress the hormones.

Normally, people practicing yoga or performing exercises love doing it outdoor just because they will be exposed to sun. The best time to spend in sun is, every morning from 7 to 8 am and during sun set that may vary in countries.

Yoga gurus always suggest to exercise every morning at sun raise. Sun bath is just not only good for reducing stress, but it treats every humans diseases.

Indian’s have been practicing this for years and since 20 years they have changed the life style, where they wake-up every morning at 10 and almost miss the sunrise.

People who given importance to 5 elements of naturally are always disease free.

Updated: Dec 8, 2016 — 5:21 pm
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