Will Quitting Alcohol Still Effect in Future

Yes, a new study shows that, though you quit alcohol when young, this will surly have health issues when you grow older. As the brain has Eternal effect, drinking alcohol when young.

Scientists have examined this and found that people when young have addition to alcohol, but may stop drinking after 5 to 10 years. this doesn’t mean that the person is safe. He might face serious health issues in later stage of life.

A person who has stopped consuming alcohol might have best of the health for years, but suddenly he might have health issues in 60’s or 70’s. Most of these patients have suffered depression.

The study also says that people who have quit smoking, should also have a quality lifestyle with good food and no smoking and tobacco can be safe even in later stages of life.

I personally feel that a person who quit smoking or alcohol still feels the pain to to drink. This leads to depression during his life time and may have few health problems.

I feel alcohol should be taken twice a week. Quitting alcohol completely can lead to depression and this can lead to many side effects. Through you quit alcohol, the brain doesn’t stop you from thinking.

If you want to totally quit alcohol, make sure you quit happy and doesn’t allow the brain to think of it.

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