Snakes Hunting in Packs A New Discovery

A species of snakes started to hunt the prey in packs, which is known as coordinated hunting. This was shocking discovery because we have not witnessed reptiles hunting in packs.

The scientists have observed this in Cuba, where a group of snakes called the Cuban boa where coordinating in the hunt of fruit bats.

Exactly after the sunset, the snakes would hang outside the caves or some snakes would take positions just outside the caves. If one snake enters the caves, the bats move out of the caves, this is another way adopted by the Cuban boa to hunt their prey.

The observation also proved that the snakes formed a fence across the passage, thus making comfortable in catching the bats.

Dinets, a professor has observed this act of snakes in the morning and evening, in the mornings when the bats are about the come out and in the evening when the bats are about to enter the caves.

The act of these snakes was described as Urbane as this behavior was never absorbed in retails in past.

The cooperative hunting in snakes made then get prey very easily and almost all snakes caught at least 1 bat.

Updated: May 29, 2017 — 1:52 pm
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