Single Sheet Of Paper To Monitor Glucose Levels In Diabetes Patients

This is related to paper based microbial fuel cell technology, where the bacteria powered battery is used on single paper. This is in developing a scope seen in microbial fuel cell technology, where the bacteria used to dispose electronics as diagnostic sensors.

According to research, the use of bio batteries will come in handy in resource limited areas and remote dangerous location. The best part about bio batteries is that the technique reduces fabrication cost and time.

Seokheun choi a professor at Birmingham university said, Papertronics are less costly to power disposable point of care diagnostic sensors.

The primary intention of developing the bio batter is because they are point of care devices, paper based, stand alone and self sustained, these will help in more effective and life saving treatments. The best is when the resources are limited.

The process involved, chromatography paper, ribbon of silver nitrate, wax to create cathode, conductive polymer(anode), bacterial filled liquid.

The batteries are powered using microbes cellular respiration. The process should contain layers of anode, proton exchange membrane and cathode. The increase in power generation was seen when all the items were assembled manually. Any misalignment of paper may cause low power generation.

The paper requires to have different configuration methods to successfully improve the power. The research also said that it can take millions of paper batteries to power a normal 40 watts buld, but the paper battery will help in most disaster situations. So the underlined word is usability and portability is paramount.

The scientists have said, currently then power is more than enough to run a biosensors which can monitor sugar levels in diabetes patients, detect many pathogens and perform life saving activities.

The arguing factor here is that paper based microbial fuel cells technology is still unused when compared to other paper based batteries.

Finally, the positive side of this is, paper based biobattery could always be a future source for papertronics. The research made everyone happy because microorganisms can yield electrical power from any type of biodegradable source. Even from wastewater!!!

Updated: Dec 23, 2016 — 4:33 pm
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