Are Mercury Light Bulbs Danger?

Do you know the dangerous effects of Mercury Light Bulbs which are filled with mercury vapor and also called LED bulbs that are cheaper and very much used by modern society. The old bulbs which used neon gas are now replaced with the CFL light bulbs which are meant to be energy efficient light bulbs.

The truth about the CFL light bulbs is that they are very dangerous and toxic emitting bulbs. The news was updated by researchers from fraunhofer wilhelm klauditz institute for Germans federal environment agency.

The bulbs release poisonous gas when broken indoor, which is 20 time more powerful than the mercury concentration. Even the U.S Environmental protection agency has released a emergency protocol long time.

Below are few Mercury Light Bulbs Danger that can cause different health issues.

Using these compact fluorescent lamp mercury, will cause cluster headache, anxiety, migraines, dizziness, fatigue, seizures and inability to concentrate.

Reason why we need to avoid Mercury Light Bulbs:

Dangerous for pregnant women and children

Mercury found in the CFL bulbs contains neurotoxin which hams children and pregnant women. Staying under mercury bulbs affects kidney, brain and nervous system.

Emitting UV rays

UV rays emitted from mercury light bulbs causes blindness of eyes, this may not happen quickly, it will slowly do the damage to eyes.

Causes Skin Cancer

The radiations emitted from mercury light bulbs, and emit UV –C and UV – B radiations, that damages skin tissues and slowly causes skin cancer.

What you have to do if mercury or CLF bulb is broken?

Make sure the room is ventilated properly
Don’t allow children or pregnant women to enter the room
Breathing the gas also causes serious effects
Don’t use vacuum cleaners, the vapor can damage the cleaners
Clean it safely with some sticky object; don’t get hand in direct contact with the broken glass pieces.

Updated: Feb 9, 2017 — 3:24 pm
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