Best Natural Remedies To Cure Any Liver Diseases

Are you suffering from deadly liver diseases? After reading this article, you will never have to say that there is no cure for liver diseases, the best natural remedies collected below will help anyone in treating liver diseases with no medications. Just the natural home remedies are very good in treating fatty liver, hepatitis c, cirrhosis, liver cancer, sclerosis, liver enlargement and psoriasis.

I bet you all who are reading this article, are for sure alcoholics, smokers or heavy meat eaters. I say this because of the liver issues caused become of these above said habits, the enzyme production of liver stops when you have any of the habits.


Symptoms of Liver Diseases:


I must tell you real facts about the liver diseases, as I said earlier, liver diseases are really deadly because when liver or pancreas has a problem, there are not many symptoms shown in the beginning. The liver pain starts suddenly, so it’s hard for anyone to know the symptoms of liver damage. But, one thing I have observed is that, the lips of people suffering from some kind of liver disorder will become brownish, the natural color of the lips starts changing and you will some time experiencing vomiting’s where a yellow fluid comes out and the other symptom I can say is indigestion of food.

When you are experience these symptoms it is sure that you have a problem with liver or pancreas. So, what is the next step after watching these symptoms? There is nothing to say much but follow these tricks to bring the liver back to normal stage. Follow the few tricks to make the liver flower when you still in beginning stage of some liver disorder


Healthy Tips To Follow After Liver Diseases:


  1. Stop eating oily foods, I mean to say go right away for raw food, or water boiled food. Just avoid food with oil for a month.
  2. Drink warm water; try this also for a month. Boil the water and drink then all the day. Never have any water from refrigerator
  3. Wake up every morning and stand or sit during the sun raise
  4. No alcohol or smoking, if you can stop alcohol for a year, it is really good for you. I also want to mention a point here that millions of liver cases known until today are due to heavy alcoholic addicts. It can be male or female but most of the diagnosed cases have shown the reasons for liver disorder are due to alcohol and tobacco.
  5. Don’t every do any hard exercises; if possible watch online videos for pranayama for liver and mudra asana for liver. These mudras and pranayama work 100%, but make sure do the same as told by the gurus.

Now let us talk about the food and best natural medicine to cure liver diseases.


Food and Best Natural Medicine to Cure Liver Diseases:


Bhaskar Lavanam: I know that you will be surprised to read this, it not a fruit or vegetable, it’s the best Ayurveda medicine that has cured liver issues around the world.  Take this powder for about a month every day and see the difference, these Ayurveda medicines have worked great in treating liver disorders and have also cured liver cancer.


Below are few more ayurvedic medicines that can be taken:


yashoda busmam, aravindasavam, lohasava, alternatively you can also uses these powders to treat any kids of liver damage.


Food for Liver Treatments:


Ginger Juice: Mix it with warm water or honey and have every day in the mornings. Most of them are not sure but in few parts of India, communities have this habit of taking ginger with empty stomach in any kind of form, like they prepare ginger tea, ginger honey water, ginger pickle and ginger and garlic mixture etc..


Amla or Indian Gosseberry: This tasty fruit can be cut into small pieces and put aside in the mouth and keep chewing after food. Amla is the best medicine to treat liver problems and helps in digestion of food.

Orange or lemon Juice: Take a glass of any of the two juices every day. Take this either in the mornings of after 2 hours meals.

Hog Plum Fruit: Eat the hog plum fruit every day, it has shown quick relief from liver problems.

Black Berry: Eat this fruit to quickly get rid of liver enlargement and fatty liver issues.

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