Effective Natural Therapy for Cancer

Effective Natural Therapy for Cancer: Cancer cells can be discovered in any part of the body. These cells start nurturing out of control and overcome the normal cells and this makes it difficult for the body to function the way it is supposed to. This is an evil disease which is hard to eliminate but not impossible.

Cancer is a disease which not only attacks the body but also the psychological perspective. Many have defeated cancer but the trauma and scars which this disease gifts is hard to forget or ignore. The best coping mechanism is to think about natural ways to eliminate and fight cancer.


Since every body part can accommodate cancer cells there are many varieties of it but some common types are:


  • Breast Cancer: A cancer that forms in the cells of the breast.
  • Prostate Cancer: A malignant growth or tumor in a man’s prostate, a seminal fluid is secreted from a small walnut shaped gland.
  • Basal Cell Cancer: Abnormal cell division growth that begins in the basal cells, it’s a type of skin cancer.
  • Melanoma: A very serious type of skin cancer.
  • Colon Cancer: A type of tumor located at the digestive tracts lower end, a cancer of the colon or rectum
  • Lung Cancer: This cancer is found in the smoke victims, this begins in the lungs.
  • Leukemia: An uncontrolled cell division happening in the blood forming tissues, hindering the body to struggle with infections.
  • Lymphoma: A cancer in the lymphatic system.


Effective Natural Therapy for Cancer:


The Gerson Therapy and Juicing:


This aims at targeting the major metabolic necessities of the body. It allows you to gather the dietetic benefits of consuming about 15-20 pounds of organically grown fruits and vegetables per day.


The Gerson Diet: This diet only allows the patient to consume organically grown fruits, vegetables and sprouted grains. This diet is high in minerals, enzymes and vitamins exceptionally.

It’s very low in fats, calories, proteins and sodium. This plan restricts the patient to drink 13 glasses of freshly set juice, snack only on fresh fruits and consume three plant based meals. The ancient therapy advice’s to consume raw beef liver as it is high in vitamin B12 and most nutrient rich food on the planet.

The Gerson Therapy and Juicing

Juicing: The juicing recommends fresh vegetables juices every day, which includes green leafy veggies, apples or carrots. The freshly squeezed juice provides the high quality and most effective nutrition.

There is a different technique to prepare this juice where in, the juice needs to be prepared hourly when the patient has to consume rather than preserving it, a two-step juicer with a hydraulic press is advised. This hydraulic press prevents destruction of vitamins, enzymes and minerals. The commercial grinders spin too fast destroying the energy level.

Detoxification: Detoxification is the best advice you can get. It cleanses your colon, removes toxins from the breath and gives your body a breath of fresh air. According to Gerson therapy, coffee enemas are the effective detoxification method for cancer patients as it stimulates parasympathetic nervous system. Up-to five enemas have been approved.

Gerson Diet - Natural Therapy for Cancer

Supplements: supportive enzymes help improve the cancer patient’s health. Supplements include thyroid hormone, vitamin B12, Lugol’s solution, pancreatic enzymes and potassium compounds.

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