6 Natural Medicines for Thyroid – Cure Thyroid Permanently

Below are the lists of 6 Natural Medicines for Thyroid that can Cure Thyroid Permanently if followed as guided in the article. In the list of health concerns, thyroid is becoming second to diabetes thanks to the fast food lifestyle. Instead of improving and maintaining a good quality of life, we are soaking ourselves in the unhealthy slime of fast foods, junk and sweets.


When doctors and nutritionists stress on the literal fact that food is your health guide, they don’t mean the extra calories that we consume. The presence of extras in our foods is getting us the extra dose of pills and tablets in treatment aids.

What we consume is what we are. This is statement is true and we practically experience it as well.


Causes of Thyroid:

Thyroid diseases is caused by either an over acting or under acting thyroid gland. The disease can at times be easily treatable and sometimes takes form a life threatening cancer and chemotherapy is employed.

As soon as you are diagnosed with a thyroid issue, start medication as soon as possible. Get the issue under control and then start with correcting the food that you consume. Quit on sugars, gluten, junk and processed foods. They are no good apart from giving the calories which are of no use.


6 Natural Medicines for Thyroid:


Add the Greens


Greens - Natural Medicine for Thyroid

If you are not a super fan of green leafy vegetables, start to be one. Leafy green veggies are like best friends with thyroid, they are like natural thyroid support. They help keep the thyroid in a charming and happy mood. Both light and dark green leafy vegetables can be consumed. Start adding kale, spinach, lettuce etc. in your diet. Don’t consume them raw. Boil or cook them for good results. Goitrogens are found in green cruciferous veggies like cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli etc., hence seek out a nutritionist and follow a healthy food plan as advised.


Consume Sea Vegetables

 Consume Sea Vegetables - Natural Medicine for Thyroid

Eating kelp might sound odd but this food type is great for people with thyroid concerns. Just simply sprinkle the kelp like you would do with salt and consume. Kelp granules in hot soups taste good as well. Sea vegetables are always considered as the best natural treatment for thyroid.


Dab on the Butter:


Avoid cheese and bad oils, but butter is still good to eat. Thyroid likes butter, so give it grass-fed organic butter. Flavored and textured butters with garlic and pepper can also be consumed if you don’t like the taste of plain butter.


Eat slowly


Thyroid connects the body with the mind as it’s located in the throat. When you eat food in a rushed manner the connectivity is lost. As the food moves fast from the mouth to stomach, the connection or message that food is coming along is not established. This poor connection destabilizes metabolism. Slow eating means thyroid natural treatment; when food is chewed properly, nutrients are absorbed well and food is savored making it enjoyable. Thyroid is responsible for metabolism and you don’t want to rub against it the wrong way.


Adopt healthy life style


Healthy living isn’t just good food and exercise. It is also active living. Exercising 45 minutes and then snuggling with your cell or laptop on the couch for the rest of the day won’t help. Quit the cell, close the laptop and meet people in person. Being socially active is also healthy but don’t do it via apps. Cell phones emit radiation and they are close to the throat when we use them quite often, thus causing more harm than good. Use earphones or headsets instead of placing a cell phone close to the throat.



Investigate and practice yoga poses that can help address thyroid concerns. Yoga helps in a many ways; it is a natural treatment for thyroid problems. It calms the body and soul thus healing from within. You look great when you feel great. The shoulder-stand is a great yoga pose for people with thyroid concerns.


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