Natural Medicine For Thyroid – Hypo and Hyperthyroidism

Following this article on natural medicine for thyroid, helps patients to diagnose hyper and hypo thyroidism or Graves’ disease using natural home and herbal medicine that can provide complete solution of thyroid disorder for men and women.

If you are reading this post then it means you have encountered a thyroid problem.

Have you gained weight or lost weight suddenly? Do you feel dizziness, speech getting low, and constipation? If these are the symptoms, then you would suffer from thyroid disease.

As you know doctors and researchers have been finding many new studies about thyroid and medicine for treatment, but there was never a complete solution to cure thyroid. If you take a look at the US, they have more than 1.5 million hypothyroidism cases and 38000 thyroid cancer patients, did this surprise you? Yes, this is complete true information collected.

Thyroid Types:

Normally, the most people are diagnosed with Hypo and hyperthyroidism. Hypothyroidism mean low, where most people feel tired, chillness, depressed and totally feeling ill all the time. The Hyperthyroidism is quite opposite, here the heartbeat may increase suddenly, you can’t sit still, feel different emotions hitting your brain.

So what is thyroid? It’s a disorder where there could be a swelling in front of your neck, you might feel discomfort while swallowing, and this is the time when most of the people visit a physician.
Thyroid affects women more than men, in most of the cases, it’s shown then women over the age of 30 have been diagnosed with Thyroid. Even evidence has shown that family history is one of the reasons for Thyroid issues; this doesn’t mean that people without a family history are unaffected.

What actually happens during thyroid issue?

The thyroid is a gland that helps in overall body’s metabolism activity. When there is a problem with this gland than understanding that every part of the body is affected, as the metabolism can get low or high.

Thyroid Treatment options:

Doctors mostly treat people differently for specific thyroid problem; you could have a surgery or pills. If you have hypothyroidism you may be given pills to increase the production of thyroid hormones. For hyperthyroidism, you may be given antithyroid drugs, radioactive iodine pills etc..

Natural Medicine for Thyroid:

How Natural medicine for thyroid does help provide complete relief from thyroid?

Natural Medicine for Hypothyroidism

First thing is first, according to research thyroid might be caused due to unhealthy food habits, unhealthy lifestyle habits.

People with Hypothyroid should follow these things first:

Walk for 30 minutes every day:
Walk according to science has many benefits to the overall functioning of body hormones, and for thyroid, it helps in a great way. Make sure you hit the parks every day and walk without talking.

Sleep Well:

Sleep well in the sense doesn’t mean to sleep during the day. Sleep exactly after 2 hours of dinner. Sleep for about 7-8 hours. I know most of them love working at night, it could be office work, playing games, chatting, attending parties etc.. But once doing this once in a while is fine, if you are addicted to staying awake at nights, it means you will have serious health issues in future. Sleeping alone at night will allow the body to automatically heal many internal health issues.

No Stress:

If you ask anyone today, how was your day? They say it was so stressful, people who don’t love their job would obviously say this.

But, stress is prepared by you and not others, you feel stressed because you don’t love the job, not happy with relations; don’t have enough earnings or any kind of problem created by you. So, if you don’t want to feel stressed then develop a positive and loving approach towards the things you do. 50% of thyroid cases are caused due to the factor stress and depression. Handle this by yourself.

Keep balanced Diet:

You do over actions and make others feel bad, you over eat and make your body feel bad. Yes, when you over eat they body feel tired in digesting, if there are digestion issues, then you develop gastric issues. A balanced diet means having healthy organic food, you may eat junk food or processed food, but ensure you also have salads along with the food. I mean to say eat raw carrots, beets, radish, onion, tomato. This will help you keep the diet balanced.

Natural Medicine for Thyroid – Foods that help Treat Thyroid

Coconut oil:

If you have heard about a place in India, where everything is cooked using coconut oil, you would be shocked. Yes, the place is Kerala, this is one place where people eat food cooked with coconut oil, I mean even sweets, snacks, and any other item is prepared using coconut oil.

So, why did I tell you about this place? I want you to know that coconut oil is great not only for hair or body but also for treating Thyroid gland; it actually stimulated the metabolism activities of the body as it contains chain fatty acids. Now, people with Thyroid issues can cook food with coconut oil or have a spoon of virgin coconut oil.


Prepare ginger tea or chew a piece of ginger to get rid of thyroid problem quickly. How can ginger help reduce thyroid issue? Ginger contains zinc, potassium, and magnesium which makes it an anti-inflammatory agent, this property of ginger helps activation of the thyroid gland.

Eat a lot of fish:

I know you all love it but, we love to have a fried piece of fish; which has lost all the protein, iodine and vitamin B12. A fried fish even has no omega 3 fatty acids, and this acid is essential in helping increase immunity of thyroid. It’s better to have a fish curry rather than a fried fish.


Start your day with oats; it could be in any form. But oats are great in selenium and zinc which helps activation if thyroid gland.

Natural Medicine for Hyperthyroidism:


This medical treatment is less famous among people, but it works great in providing a complete solution to hyperthyroidism. Search for the best acupuncture clinics in your city.

Lemon Tea:

Take a cup of lemon eat every day, instead of taking normal tea or coffee, just prepare lemon tea using mint leaves, lemon juice, and tea water. Though this natural remedy works slowly, it can surely reduce Hyperthyroidism in few months.

Citrus Fruits:

When you are suffering from Hyperthyroidism, ensure to eat more of Citric fruits. Like lemon juice, oranges will help cure thyroid quickly.

Motherwort Herbal Medicine:

You can order this herbal medicine online, a medicine used since ancient times to reduce anxiety and stress which indirectly reduces Hyperthyroidism.

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