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What is the permanent solution to stop gas problem? The natural gas relievers below are natural medicine for gastric issues that helps cure gas problem and bolted stomach. Follow the post to reduce gas and bloating naturally.

Gas problem are common in today’s world, everyone has been facing this issues, and it has become common for men, women and kids. The medication people use today to control or reduce gas issues is temporary; the medicine provides relief for few hours and again comes back. A common man uses 3 pills per day to control gas trouble. The pills may also provide side effects, which are unknown, but for the time being what we want is relief from bolted stomach.

Gas that is trying to come out of the body is unwanted gas that is pushed out from the large intestine. The same happens when you have gas formed in upper part of the body, the gas pushed away from mouth.

Gastric problem can be caused due to various reasons. Some of which are:


  • Over eating
  • Not Flushing feces
  • Not eating on time
  • Over eating spicy food
  • Not enough sleep
  • Alcoholic and tobacco addiction
  • Sitting for long hours at work
  • Walking too less
  • No excersise


Reasons for Gastric Problems:


There are many other reasons for gastric issues, but the major causes are to be described below:

Over eating has been the major cause of gas trouble in many, over eating in the sense means to have food more than required. Most of use love eating few recipes, we do over eat them. The body takes longer time to digest the food and in this process huge gas is formed.

Not flushing feces: this has been started since recent years; mainly women have more cases of gastric issues with stomach pain. The main reason for this is they are uncomfortable using the toilets at work place. My person experience also says that most women tend to stop using toilets as they feel shy to use the toilets frequently.  When the fecal matter is not pushed out of the body every 4 hours, the gas becomes dangerous and caused ulcers in many. Make sure to use the toilets frequently.

Not eating on time: How many of you really eat on time? The normal timing for food should be, breakfast at 9, lunch at 1 PM and Dinner at 8 PM. But the times have changed, for example if a person working in night shift has total change in food timings, when I was working in night shifts, I used to eat my dinner at 12 and then eat my breakfast at 12 PM, when there is so long hours of gap in food habits, the acid secreted in the stomach doesn’t know what to digest and when. This causes huge gastric problem and stomach gets bolted.

Over eating spicy food: Over eating spicy food is normally loved by meat eaters, meat and chicken normally takes longer time to digest and this caused huge gas secretion in the stomach. Along with this we love eating spicy food; spicy food is good but not in huge quantities.

No Enough Sleep: The body heals itself at nights which probably are not known by many, when you don’t have enough sleep the first thing that gets affected is stomach. Have at least 8 hours of sleep every day. Avoid the technology, sitting for hours before laptops, playing games, chatting, using social media and whatspp, these are created for some purpose and use them for that purpose.

Alcoholic and tobacco addiction: Alcoholic and tobacco addicts’ always have the gastric issues. The main reason is, when alcohol and tobacco are taking the enzyme formation is reduced. When the digestive enzyme formation is reduced the digestion of food is reduced. The blood has to stay around the food for hours to digest and not flowing to other parts of the body.  This causes huge gas formation in large intestine.

Sitting for long hours at work: Ask any IT employee about this, they happily say they sit for 2-3 hours without getting up from the chair.  Why? Because they are paid more? Most of my friends have acidic and gastric issues, when consulted a physician it was proved that they don’t walk for a while every day. All they do is sit and order food online, order clothes online what not everything is online. This increases the acidic content in the body and causes gastric issues.


Natural Medicine For Gas – Natural Gas Relievers:


Drink Hot water: Yes, the best natural medicine for gas trouble, hot water has then tendency to digest food and also relieve gas quickly. If you are addicted to fridge water, stop it right away. Drink hot or warm water along with the food.

kapalbhati yoga: This yoga asana is great and has been followed by Indian gurus in treating gastric issues. Watch online videos on how kapalbhati yoga is performed and do it the same way, it not only is a natural gas reliever but also works great for women in getting monthly periods and removing PCOS and PCOD problems.

Gas Archun: this is a ayurvedic powder made from various Indian herbs, this can be taken for 3 months to completely cure gas problems.

Cinnamon with Milk: Take a glass of warm water and add a spoon of cinnamon. This provides quick relief from bolted stomach.

Butter Mil with carom seeds: Mix a tea spoon of carom seeds and black salt in a glass of butter milk to stop the stomach pain caused due to gastic problem. Butter milk is always a great Natural Gas Reliever.


Natural Remedies To Stop Gas Formation:


Lemon Juice and Fennel seeds: take a cup of lemon juice and add a tea spoon of fennel seeds. Leave it to soak for a while, once you see the seeds are soaked, eat then slowly to push out the unwanted gas from the body.

Lemon juice with warm water: Take a lemon and squish the juice in a cup of warm water, drink it every morning with empty stomach, this is not to cure gas but to cure formation of gas the whole day, as this stops gas formation in stomach permanently.

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