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If you are suffering from depression, never give up the hope! The natural medicine for depression in this post is proven and practical solutions that have helped people conquest over their depression and get back their normal lives.

Depression is an illness caused due to various reasons; the effectiveness of depression can increase to severe when proper care is not taken. Unfortunate cases like severe melancholia can be reached soon; psychologists have been studying the behavior science of depression patients but haven’t concluded on a single theory, as their medications and psychological treatment differs from each patient.

What is depression?

Depression concurs the world since recent time, both men and women have witnessed cases like stress, anxiety and finally depression. What exactly caused depression? Depression is a mental or calls it a medical illness where there is a sudden change in emotions of a person. The person soon losses pleasure in life, doesn’t feel like doing anything. Here the brain and nervous system functions are changed which leads to no interest in life.


Causes of Depression:

  • No effecting and love from parents
  • Break up with boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Quarrels in relationships
  • Financial difficulties
  • Laziness
  • Feeling afraid to anything
  • Drug addiction


There are much more that causes depression, hence let’s move on to the natural medicine for depression that can cure your mental illness and activate brain and nervous system.


Natural Medicine For Depression:


Natural Medicine For Depression 1: Yoga and Meditation:


Meditation is the best and natural medicine for depression, this doesn’t require much investment, it just those 30 minutes of meditation and simple exercises will help treat depression and activate the nervous system. Depression and yoga are most asked a question by people, if you are keen in really working on yoga to cure depression, then there are plenty of yoga asana to be followed on regular basis.

Yoga Poses: Yoga poses like standing forward fold, downward facing dog, Dolphin, upward facing bow and corpse pose are some of the best yoga poses to reveal depression.

Yoga Poses for depression

Yoga Asanas in India For depression: India is the mother of yoga asanas, let’s see the best asanas provided by the yoga teachers to stop depression. Dhanurasana, simhasana, ushtrasana, matsyasana and shavasana are treated as the best natural treatment for depression. These meditation practices are to be the best natural medicine for depression.


Natural Medicine for Depression 2: Food to Eat For Depression


Saffron: Increases the chemicals that boost mode, consuming saffron on daily basis can cure depression in an effective way.

Saffron for depression

Green Tea: Green tea contains more of antioxidants and amino acids, having a cup of green tea every morning can help cure depression and stay connected. This natural medicine for depression can be used for 3-4 months to raise dopamine levels in the brain.

Green Tea for depression

Omega 3 fatty acids: is a great supplement for depression, the fish oil, and liquid fish oil can be found online, using this fish oil can stop depression. You can find in store vegan omega 3, fish oil of kids, Carlson omega 3 in capsules form. Consult a physician before using the omega 3 fatty acids.

Omega 3 fatty acids for depression

Almonds: Almonds is the one best food that helps with depression. They contain magnesium which makes them a great diet for depression. Eating almonds every day works as a best natural medicine for depression.

Almonds for depression

Black beans: a good anti-depression food that contains folic and fiber which are chemicals food to stop depression and anxiety.

Black beans for depression

Bananas: Bananas are serotonin foods, which contains a lot of tryptophan. Mostly said that tryptophan helps in sleep but also works as great natural medicine for depression. Bananas are also helpful in treating curcumin depression.

Bananas for depression


Natural Medicine for Depression 3: Ayurvedic medicine for depression


Divya medha vati: works have a wonderful natural medicine for depression and anxiety. You can order it online or visit a Patanjali store. Divya medha vati also works for a headache, weight loss and controlling high blood pressure.

Divya medha vati for depression

Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha is the best natural ayurvedic medicine used for ages in India. It has many more health benefits other than just stopping depression.

Ashwagandha for depression

Cardamom Powder: cardamom powder also called as each in India. Get this powder and add 1 teaspoon of cardamom powder to full glass of water. Take it every day and you will see how beneficial it is in stopping symptoms of depression.

Cardamom Powder For Depression

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