Natural Medicine For Bloated Stomach

Below are some great Natural Medicine that will help you get rid of bloated or gastric trouble,  the cause of bloating happens when the bile recycling is not done due to deficiency of cortisol hormone. People with huge stress have their cortisol hormone reduced and this can lead lower the function of bile, which causes gas trouble, indigestion, intestinal gas, belly bloat, flatulence and bloating.

The bloating in a person can come in any of the 3 ways,burping, belching and flatulence. These people can have gastritis and chronic gastritis. Gastritis can be treated instantly, but chronic gastritis will take few months following medicines and good food habits.

Cause of Gas Trouble:

Never swallow the food, chew it properly

Eat slow and enjoy the food, don’t talk while eating

Sit for at least 20 minutes after eating, then walk for 10 minutes

Eating at inappropriate time, make it a habit to eat at the exact same time.


Homeopathy Natural Medicine For Bloated Stomach:

  • Nuxvoimica
  • Lycopodium
  • Pulsatilla
  • Arsenic album


Ayurvedic Remidies For Cure Bloating:

  1. Take Roasted Ajowan 100gm
  2. Candy Sugar 100gm
  3. Ghee 100gm
  4. Grand Ajowan and candy sugar to powder
  5. Take a pan and add 100gm ghee. Now add the powder to boiling ghee.
  6. Keep mixing the paste. It should be semi solid. Now put the paste in the jaw.
  7. It becomes into a solid state. Take about 10 gm before 1 hour of meals or after 1 hour of meals.


Cure For Gastric Trouble And Acdity With Hridaya Mudra:


Hridaya mudra not only works for gas and acidity problems, but also works great for the heart. Doing this daily for 10 minutes keeps  you free from bloating and heart diseases.

  1. Bend your index finger under base of the thumb
  2. Now the center two fingers should touch the center of the thumb
  3. The little finger should be left in natural form
  4. This mudra really helps in emergency doing this every day will power up once heart and digestive problems.
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