Natural Medicine For ADHD – Effective Remedies For Children

The natural medicine for ADHD in children may work for some not everyone, as the exact cause of ADHD in differs from child to child, make sure to try the below effective remedies that can ensure your children become more focused.

There is no exact treatment for ADHD, as today we are more into processed foods, but lack of zinc and magnesium are two main reasons for ADHD in adults and children, the herbal remedies for ADHD below are the best medicines for ADHD treatment in increasing zinc and magnesium.


Natural Medicine For ADHD – Effective Remedies For Children


Avoid Sugar and gluten from diet:

The majority of issues with ADHD children is they eat more of sugar related items, as a child everyone does love eating candy’s, gluten products. Parents should make sure to avoid these products as it can cause blood sugar spikes which make the focus levels of children to stop.


Eating more of protein and fiber:

Give children more of food rich in protein and fiber, they can control the blood levels, ensure to give them organic meat, seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruits.


Omega 3 fatty acids:

Omega 3 fatty acids is found more in fish, this is one diet that is highly recommended by doctors worlds wide to prevent ADHD. The first ADHD supplement is fish oil; you can consult any physician before taking the fish oil.


Vitamin B complex:

Vitamin B 12 is the best supplement when for children suffering with ADHD, it actually controls the brain and nerves system, which makes children focus more on particular thing.


Essential oils:

Vetiver oil and cedarwood are the best know and researched essential oils for ADHD. They have been also recommended by physician’s worlds wide and the best effective natural medicine for ADHD.


st.john wort:

st.john wort is a herbal medicine used as an effective  natural medicine for ADHD treatment in children.



Drink a cup of coffee every day, best for adults and not children.



Gingko Biloba is the best herbal medicine used since ancient times.


Milk and yogurt:

Milk and yogurt are also essential in treating ADHD problems in children. Give a cup of milk once a day and yogurt can be taken with food or in liquid state.


Brahmi Powder:

It’s an Ayurveda herb, now sold in powder state and found in many ayurvedic centers in India. Take 1 spoon of this powder twice a day long with honey. Both children and adults can take this powder. This stimulated dopamine a hormone that makes children focus, thus, brahmi powder is the best natural medicine for ADHD.


Soybean and Eggs:

Both these items are rich in protein, hence highly recommended in every day diet.

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