Latest Diet Treatment For Lifestyle Diseases

Scientific facts about how the latest diet treatment can prevent lifestyle diseases, due to a change in today’s lifestyle people, are suffering from diabetes, cancer, heart strokes etc…

In the past, most of the doctors have advised us to avoid fat products, with the belief that they will increase the cholesterol levels in the body and blood.

But, the latest research from groups of health and food research groups around the world have made some new diet treatment that can make use disease free and have a better lifestyle.

The New Diet Plan to Follow:

Normally, we have seen diabetic and BP patients, Diabetic is world’s well know disease and is treated by taking insulin. But, with the new diet plan, one can completely stop using Insulin and get rid of Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. You can even stop using the pills.

Since 10 years back we have been told by the doctors to just eat 20 percent of fat related food and 80 percent of flour items. But, now it’s researched that the main cause of lifestyle diseases are due to flour items or refined food and not fat items.

Whenever you consume refined items, it secrets a hormone called Insulin, and which is later converted into fat. We need to stop refined food, refined sugars, and processed food.

For breakfast Indian’s love eating, idly, dosa, puri and this has become a habit since 10 years. If you believe you will reduce fat just eating idly every day, then for sure you are into a problem of getting fat mass.

If you go back some million years ago, humans have never dependent on refined food; they just lived with fruits, animal flesh. Now the modern industrialization has changed and we are addicted to processed food. With white rice, you get refined carbohydrates, which increased the amount of bad cholesterol and leads to Diabetes.

If you were born in 80’s you might have seen, our grandparents eating brown rice, wheat flour that was not grinded. Now if you talk about rice, you are eating white rice that polished, which means all the protein and vitamin contents are removed. The processed food has moved from metro cities to small towns and villages in India.

If you take other countries like the USA and UK, they have been using processed from many years. But in India, it has started from few years. People in villages never had cancers or heart strokes. With the increase in white polished rice, various health issues have developed.

Why Indian’s have been suffering from Life Style diseases?

The primary reason:

  • Breakfast: This contains, Idly, Puri, vada, dosa with potato curry.
  • Lunch: More amount of polished white rice with fewer veg curries.
  • Snakes: Tea, coffee, Cookies, Samosa
  • Dinner: Again polish white rice or chapatti with curries.
    If you see this menu list, it contains all processed food. All the food said above to contain high-fat carbohydrates, which causes huge damage to the body by increasing fat in the blood.

Reason for Diabetes and heart strokes:

The human liver normally stores 200 grams of glycogen in the liver. If a person takes the processed food more than the amount required by the body, they will be converted into fatty acid and then they will be deposited as fat. When the process of converting fatty acid fats, a protective agent in the body called nitric acid will be reduced. When the nitric acid is reduced, blood flow to brain, heart will reduce and the arteries size will be reduced. When this happens a person is a bond to have high blood pressure, paralysis and heart attacks. At the same time, white blood cells in the body will be reduced which leads to cancer. All this can be treated when we can reduce the intake of processed food or refined food. With the intake of more fatty food, you can increase the good cholesterol levels.

HCL: is good cholesterol, this will increase when you eat, coconut oil, fish, butter, meat, and chicken. These all items are saturated fatty acids. Now if you an organic or natural ghee, that will convert itself to solid and liquid state according to room temperature. This means it’s a perfect item to consume. If you take today’s refined oil, the oil remains the same, which is a liquid form in any temperature. Which means it’s dangerous and increased the bad cholesterol level. Every household in India prepares food using the refined oils, which when consumed turns into trans fat.

Why should you avoid eating breakfast outside?

In India, due to busy life people love eating breakfast in hotels, I see people eating every day. The internal process of tiffin centers is different; they use the same oil to cook all items, which means they boil the oil for almost 6 hours. Refine oil when boiled for more than one time it causes severe damage and increases the trans-fat which leads to direct hearing problems.

The best way to cook food items is using coconut oil, palm oil, ghee or butter. Never use, dalda or refined oil. Medium chain fatty acids, which are available in coconut oil, when it enters the body it is converted to loric acid. Which is converted to a mono neuron which works as a anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-AIDS?

Stop eating processed, backed items from supermarkets. Even fruits today they grow irrespective of season. A watermelon was a fruit eaten in the summer and was never available in other seasons. But today they are out in all seasons. If you take an apple, they travel all the way for 6 months, did you ever see any fruit stay for 6 months? The apple is coated with wax which stays for 6 months.

All the sweets today are injected with sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup is a dangerous liquid that is added to fruit juices, which increased the glucose levels in the body. All most every fruit juices, bakeries and sweet shops are using this high fructose corn syrup.

Sugar and its damage to health:

After sugar factories came into the picture, we started using white sugar. This causes major harm to the body, previously we were just eating 10 to 20 grams of sugar, now we are consuming 70 grams of sugar on average. If you take a cool drink, which is called soft drink, it contains a huge amount of sugar, every soft drink has high fructose corn syrup.

Every bakery items are prepared using high fructose corn syrup, bleached wheat flour, and icing sugar. Bread, pizzas, burgers, cookies are prepared using all these above items, these items increased bad fat that is very dangerous to health.

How Supermarkets are Harming?

People should first know to read the labels. What is written on each item, how much about of fats, trans fat etc.. Normally, there are 2 things to notice, they are glycemic index, glycemic load, if the glycemic index is more, than it produces more insulin, which leads to type 2 diabetes, most of the super food items have no fiber, where chemicals are added for preservative purpose.

What foods to take to have a complete health?

  1. Eat vegetables that can be eaten by straight boiled, like capsicum, cabbage, potato, beetroot, beans. You can cook other vegetables using coconut oil or cheese. You can also add apple vinegar. You can also take an egg omelet with coconut oil.
  2. For snacks, you can eat almonds, walnuts any dry fruits.
  3. For lunch, you can have latches, cabbage, cauliflower chicken, mutton or fish.
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