Impetigo Treatment In Babies, Kids and Adults

Impetigo is a kind of human disease with skin rash on face in both kids and adults, a kind of blisters with itch and scabies are normal symptoms of Impetigo. Impetigo can be started around eyes, lips, face, nose, buttocks, ear, elbow and foot.

The article provides fact sheets of Impetigo treatment and home remedies for kids and adults, The medications and ointments that work in treating Impetigo.

Impetigo Causes:

Impetigo is caused due to bacterial infection, which is a common contagious infection on skin. Kids around the age of 2-5 are mostly diagnosed with impetigo.  Breastfeeding babies and pregnant women should be careful about these skin infections. As the impetigo can also be called has a staph infection as it is a form of herpes.

Impetigo is caused by the Staphylococcus and Streptococcus bacteria, which outbreak by ingoing through any bruises, cuts and insect bites on the skin. When the microbes transfer from one person to another via touch or close interaction, it could contaminate healthy skin too.

The contagion spells the superficial epidermis or the uppermost layer of the skin on the, legs, nose, hands and mouth. Those kids who wear diapers are probable to have this problem round the diaper area.

Impetigo could be awkward and scratchy, particularly if they are existent on the face. The skin turns irritated and aching, triggering punishing uneasiness to the child. Though, they should evade rubbing and stirring the affected areas.

If the contagion is only on one part of the body, take appropriate care to avoid it from spreading. Kids might agonize from impetigo after having antipathies or colds that have made children skin under the nose raw.

Normal scenario of Diagnosing Impetigo starts with Swab tests. Doctor’s trys to look for any wonds and cuts the kids or adults have and then check for every individual’s medical history. Once the swab test is done the doctors provide antibiotics.

Impetigo Treatment In Babies, Kids

Mupirocin ointment is the best to be applied in the starting stages, so that the disease doesn’t spread.


Impetigo essential oils: like tea tree oil, Lavender oil could be best to apply. The essential oils have been a Impetigo natural remedies for both kids and adults. Essential oils that are being used for fungal infections also can be used for Impetigo treatment. When Impetigo treatment is getting worse on antibiotics, it’s always better that essential oils used, as they don’t have any side effects and can be used on all types of skins.


Take shower with hot water when you feel that impetigo keeps coming back or keeps spreading. Mix a bit or turmeric and salt in the water and then take shower. Turmeric and salt can keep the skin away from fungal attacks and is the best home remedy for Impetigo treatment.


Best soap for impetigo: There are many but the best are Defense Soap Bars and Dermisil For Impetigo Medicated Soap

Impetigo has various complications and hence it is good to approach a skin specialist (dermatologist) for better Impetigo treatment.


Impetigo treatment with creams for adults could provide some relief, permethrin cream, sulfur ointment,  lindane lotion and antihistamines are some the best creams to be used.

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