Does Sugar Make Kids Hyper? Experts Answer

Of course Sugar makes kids hyper when taken in large quantities, even adults become hyper when sugar foods are consumed on large quantities.

Parents around the world have been asking experts and doctor the same questions about child getting addiction to sugar and how to control child’s sugar intake.

Kids love eating sweets from childhood, just because parents have become so casual in providing chocolates, ice creams, candy’s and many more. Its common scenario worldwide, the child cries and parents buy those artificial sweeteners to keep them happy.

A basic question every parent should keep in mind before providing there kids with sweets is to ensure that ” when we have access to natural sweet products., why are we providing the artificial stuff.

Do you any of you know exact how the candies are made? When a mango or apple doesn’t stay for a week, how can candy’s and sugary foods stay for months and have expire day?

Do these questions come to your mind? If you find any factory that is preparing any sugary products, they to have a look into the process. They will never allow anyone to know the exact process of the making.

Since 1970’s there were many studies that were talking about Glucose Tolerance and others studies about Hyperkinesis. This is all science and science can create anything and destroy anything, but the natural fact is all the studies don’t have exact evidence about Sugar making Kids Hyper active.


 Tips To Control Your Kids Sugar Intake:

Below are few Tips To Control Your Child’s Sugar Intake, am providing these details before talking about others such as Managing Your Child’s Sugar Intake, Sugar Addiction In Children and What Happens When You Consume Sugar? Because I want parents to know what sugary items are better than sugar?

  1. Whenever kids ask for candy give them fruits any fruit is good. But ensure not to drink water once you finish eating the fruits.
  2. Parents also should make it a habit of eating fruits before kids
  3. Avoid cakes and go for vegetables sticks
  4. Stop the dirty fizzy drinks which are total of added sugars, give them fruit juices
  5. Go for oats, rice or oats with milk
  6. Prepare or buy sweets made of jiggery, even Americans can make it a habit of using jiggery instead of sugar


Sugar is like a drug, when provided to kids in daily basis, it becomes a habit and they ask for more.

Child’s Sugar Intake:

Normally, 20g of sugar should be taken by kids below the age of 4-6 and 25g for 7-10 aged kids. Consuming more sugar could cause obesity, heart diseases and diabetes. The numbers of obes cases have increased in every country because of sugary and artificial foods

Sugar Addiction In kids:

Eating sugar brings in serotonin and dopamine, these substances are addictive in nature. Studies have always shown to stop eating sugar but still the carving for sugary items can’t be stopped as we are already used to it. So ensure to take less amount of sugar to keep ourselves healthy.

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