Best Cough Medicine For Kids – Toddlers, 2, 3 Years Old

Follow the Best Cough Medicine For Kids with profound implications for children with nasal congestion’s, breathing problems, sneezing, asthma, and common cold.

The health information here provides comprehensive holistic healing medicine for Toddlers, children with age group of 3 year and 4 years. The page also contains traditional and Ayurveda medicine that can cure Cough in kids without side effects.

Breathing problems causes chronic diseases, because they can affect other parts and systems of the body. If for example the parts in the body that removes the wastes are: kidneys, lungs, bowels and skin. If any of these organs ar affects or not working properly, they can indirectly affect lungs, say of the kidneys are not functioning correctly some part of the burden is taken by the lungs and hence they can also develop problems.

It is not just that a problem to the lungs is just due to allergy or common cold, there can also be interrelated problems with other parts of the body. Now the issue is your kids are sneezing, with mucus falling around and hard to breath due to nasal congestion, what exactly can you do to help him? Follow the best of remedies and solutions to have healthy lungs.


Cough Medicine For Toddlers:


Beetle leaves and Tulsi leaves:

Beetle leaves - Best Cough Medicine For Kids

Using beetle leaf juice and Tulsi leaf juice one can quickly cure cough in kids, it’s a natural ayurvedic medicine for any kind of lung related problems for toddlers and infants below the age of 1 year. The preparation process is very easy and you will never have to visit a doctor and take hard antibiotics.

Preparing The Cough Medicine For Toddlers:

  1. Extract the juice from Beetle leaf (Pan Leaves) and Tulasi leaves. Just crush beetle and tulsi leaves to extract juice.
  2. Mix them in equal proportions; which means, if you extract 5ml of beetle juice then tulsi juice also should be 5 ML. Mix both juices and add honey.
  3. Now, apply to the finger and put it in the children’s mouth. Do this for 3 times a day.

This Cough Medicine for Toddlers has been used since ages in Asian countries and this is one of the best traditional medicines used till today. The preparation method is very simple; it is just you collect the fresh beetel leaves and tulisi leaves. It also doesn’t have any side effects, if you still taking any medicine or cough syrups given by the physicians.


Garlic Cloves and Mustard Oil:

Garlic Cloves - Best Cough Medicine For Kids

Garlic cloves and mustard oil is one of the best cough medicines for infants under 2 years, preparing this infant medicine for cough is simple.

  • Boil the few garlic cloves in mustard oil and let it heat for a while. Then let the oil become warm.
  • Apply the warm oil on the chest, throat and back. This provides instant relief for infants.


Carom Seeds and Basil Leaves:

Carom Seeds - Best Cough Medicine For Kids

  • Soak the carom seeds in water over night
  • In the morning soaked carom seeds along with basil leaves.
  • Now let the child take the water sip by sip


Toddlers Cough Medicine for kids 2 years Old:


Lemon and Honey Juice:

Lemon and Honey Juice - Best Cough Medicine For Kids

Lemon and honey juice are always the best cough medicine for 2 years old. Take 2 spoons of honey and mix it with 1 spoon of lemon juice.

Give to the children ever few hours.


Toddlers Dry Cough Medicine for Kids:


Almonds Paste:

Almonds Paste - Toddlers Dry Cough Medicine for kids

Soak almonds overnight and remove the peel in the morning make it a paste, add butter and sugar and give it to the child suffering from dry cough. Almonds are great source in curing dry cough in Kids


Basil leaves and Ginger:


Make paste of basil and ginger. Then filter the paste using a sieve. Now collect the juice in a glass and add honey to make it sweeten. This is the best working home remedy for dry cough in kids. Give one tea spoon, thrice a day.


Turmeric Powder and Carom powder:

 Turmeric Powder - Toddlers Dry Cough Medicine for kids

Add 1tsp carom and turmeric powder in a glass of lukewarm water. Mix it well and give it to the children. Turmeric powder has the anti-bacterial and fungal property to remove the dry cough in minutes.


Toddlers Cough Medicine for kids 3 years Old and Above:


Dry Ginger Powder:

Dry Ginger Powder - Toddlers Cough Medicine for kids 3 years Old and Above

Dry ginger powder is the finest way to remove cough and mucus problems for kids of 3 years old. Mix a tea spoon of Dry ginger powder in a glass of milk and give it to the children in the mornings and evenings. This will clear all the infections in the lungs to have a healthy breathing.

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