Natural Treatments for Anemia

If you are feeling lethargic soon after any kind off physical activity or are getting breathless after climbing a small fleet of steps or experiencing frequent headache it’s time to get your hemoglobin levels checked.

If you are anemic, your hemoglobin or blood cells will be low in count. This decline in red blood cells indicates less oxygen is being carried about in your body and lack of oxygen means low energy levels in the body. Due to reduce amounts of hemoglobin and oxygen, symptoms like irritability, mood swings, memory loss and numbness with tingling sensation are observed.


Low Hemoglobin or Red Blood cell count could be due to:

  • Lack of nutritional diet
  • Deficiency of Vitamin B12
  • Deficiency of iron in the body through diet
  • Inability of the body to produce red blood cells
  • Folic acid insufficiency
  • Loss of hemoglobin due to infectious diseases like malaria, typhoid etc

Anemia can be cured before anything drastic happens. Death to anemic isn’t unheard of but yet, it’s important to tackle the problem early on so that all the other vital functions of the body have a smooth run.


Natural Treatments for Anemia:


Iron Rich Food:

brown rice - Natural treatment for Anemia

Eating foods laden with iron can tackle anemia. Green vegetables especially the leafy ones, beetroots, tomato, prunes, dates, flakes, brown rice and oysters are rich in iron. Whole wheat flour is also a good source of iron.

Red Meat:

Red Meat - anemia treatment

In the non-vegetarian category red meat, livers and eggs also have high iron content.


Red Wine:

Red Wine - best iron supplement for anemia

The latest excuse to get a glass of red wine (best iron supplement for anemia) is its excellent benefits which include antioxidants that help cure anemia. So the next time anyone says you are drink too much red wine challenge them to a red blood cell count. You might win there!! Apart from antioxidants, red wine improves appetite which is a concern anemic people often face.


Vitamin B Capsules:

supplements for anemia -Vitamin B tablets

On the vitamin side, Vitamin B tablets that incorporate Folate impart the body with the ability to produce red blood cells which in turn help oxygen movement in the body.

Organic Meat:

Organic Meat - natural iron supplements for anemia

Vitamin B12 found animal products and organic meats are natural iron supplements for anemia. Doctors suggest breakfast items of animal products to help solve the issue of anemia quickly. Weekly twice or thrice consumption of animal products will address the issue of low hemoglobin.


Honey - diet for anemia

Honey is another natural food product abundant with manganese, copper and iron. These minerals speed up hemoglobin production in body thus aiding in improving red blood cell count.

Green Tea - anemia treatment drink:

Caffeine drinks decrease the absorption of iron in the body hence avoids drink tea and coffee after any meal. Green tea is something that has high antioxidants so try to consume more of it instead of regular tea or coffee. Avoid antacids as well as these too inhibit iron absorption.


Now, remember the article specified red wine as a good source of antioxidants, so that doesn’t mean you start consuming alcohol. Wine and alcohol are different. Alcohol is no good to you and can even deteriorate health.

The best solution to issues related to anemia is to get proper diet and exercise well. Improve lifestyle to be anemia free.



Updated: Jun 11, 2017 — 10:48 am
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