Natural Dementia Treatment In Ayurveda

The page guides you in learning Dementia Symptoms & Stages, Learn Warning Signs, Dementia treatment natural and causes. The guide is gathered to provide critical information about how to handle dementia behaviors, deal with dementia patients, talk to someone with dementia and dealing with dementia in a parent.

What is Dementia? Old age can sometimes cause dementia, dementia is an inability of the brain to function properly, it’s a neurological disorder, it causes lethargy and depression.

First, let us learn about the free and easy ways to treat dementia with Ayurveda remedies:

Dementia Treatment In Ayurveda:

Dementia Treatment using Almonds:

Soak few almonds, around 8-10 overnight,
Next day morning, peel off the skin and eat them with an empty stomach, chew them properly, this will improve the brain’s memory function.

Dementia treatment using peppermint oil:

Take a bowl of hot water, add peppermint oil and inhale the fume, you can also use lemon juice if you don’t have peppermint oil.

Dementia treatment using Sesame oil:

Add 3 drops of sesame oil in both the nostrils twice a day,

Dementia Treatment With Exercise:

Solve puzzles and crosswords
Add turmeric in whatever you cook
Eat fish 4 times a week,
Consume raw carrots, boiled sweet potatoes

Dementia Treatment Natural:

Ginkgo Biloba:

As a medicine it has been used for five thousand years, it enhances memory, stimulates blood circulation, enhances mental capacity, highly recommended for patients with the center nervous system, and dementia, Anti-aging effect.

Omega 3 fatty acids:

Omega 3 fatty acids are found in fish and also now they come in capsule form, taking omega 3 regularly can reduce dementia very quickly.

Cucurma longa:

cucurma longa can be used in treating dementia behaviors and interventions. The herb has been used as a great medicine for treating dementia. The plant works in rejuvenating nerve damage and help in recovering any brain damage.

Alternative treatments for Dementia:

Communication: patients with this dementia disorder have to communicate with other, talk about something that makes them happy, any topic, discussions can keep improving their memory.

Social Activities: Social activities are something like groupings, traveling with family members, visiting new locations, visiting churches, libraries, discussing with grandchildren, visiting events etc.. Doing this can make dementia patients keep themselves active and get rid of depression.

Sun bath: dementia patients should enjoy exercising every morning at sun rise; this will increase the metabolic activities of all the hormones in the body and kick away depressions.

Symptoms Of Dementia:

  1. Unable to recognize known people.
  2. Cannot walk corrects.
  3. Fumbling things.
  4. Unable to remember recent works, activates or happenings.
  5. Fumbling while talking, the words can fumble while reading and writing.
  6. Unable to do routine activates like eating, breathing, dressing and even using the bathroom.
  7. Dementia patients are always seen in depression, anxiety or emotional behavior.
  8. Dementia affects thought, memory, and language.

Causes Of Dementia:

  • Dementia can occur due to gradual fall in neurotransmitters levels in the brain.
  • These cells are used in transmitting messages in the brain.
  • Creation of anomalous protein bundles in the brain, which causes loss of linking between the brain cells.
  • Brain diseases.
  • Head injury.
  • Reversible dementias.
  • Environmental factors.
  • Infectious diseases.
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