Effective Keloid Scar Treatment

If you looking to get rid of Keloid scar, the below Keloid Scar Treatment can help in effective treatment using 5 fluorouracil or bleomycin, Pressure therapy, Silicone dioxide, removal of scar tissue using surgery.

Keloid Scar Causes:

Keloids scars are formed as upstretched and dense excessive on skin, The Keloids scars are mostly flesh color, purple or pink with flat surface and diminish over time.
Are keloid scars hurtful?

Keloids are neither hurtful nor harmful; they are stringy enlargement on the skin surface which are nonthreatening. Moreover, these plump and elastic bumps are never painful. But, few individuals can experience a feeling of scratchiness and gentle to touch. Keloid scars are developed anomalous soothing of wound due to skin mutilation. The skin damage can be caused due to cuts, burns, chicken pox, insect bites and skin scuffs.

Effective Keloid Scar Treatments:

Effective Keloid Scar Treatments

There is no one simple remedy and these scars have a persistent inclination to reappear after treatment.





Steroid shots For Keloid Scar Treatment:

Steroid shots could be used to compress and diminish the redness of hypertrophic as well as keloid scars.

Steroids are injected straight to the scar to break the collagen in the scar as well as soften the scar tissue formation. This is particularly helpful in the therapy of hypertrophic as well as keloid scars as they both endure to create collagen after the wound has healed, leading to an accretion of extra collagen.

Steroid shots also reduce scar ache, such as the pain, itching, as well as burning sense these scars might produce.

Antimetabolite Agents for Keloid Scar Treatment:

Antimetabolite agents like 5 fluorouracil or bleomycin could also be operative when injected straight to the scar.

Pressure Therapy for Keloid Scar Treatment:

Pressure therapy implicates a kind of gravity appliance worn on the area of the scar. These can be performed every night and day for about four months.

Pressure or elastic dressings are primarily useful after revision of the keloid scar to avoid the keloid from coming back.

Silicone Dioxide Gel for Keloid Scar Treatment:

Silicone dioxide is applied in the type of a silicon gel sheet or an ointment, this technique may be applied to help unstiffen or decrease the redness of keloid scars.

Surgery for Keloid Scar Treatment:

Surgery – if the keloid scar isn’t responsive to nonsurgical techniques, surgery can be performed. The scar tissue may be removed surgically as well as the wound closed with over one layers of stitches.

In rare cases, skin grafts are utilized to help close the wound. This is mostly needed for big scars which are in a crucial location wherein it is perplexing to adjust the nearby skin to be able to sufficiently close the wound.

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