Coriander Leaves Health Benefits

Learn Coriander Leaves Health Benefits to know how its seeds, leaves, water can help us prevent many health disorders. Every food that is cooked contains coriander leaves, not just because it smells great, but it had plenty of medical values.

Normally, in India if you visit a vegetable market, the vegetable sellers will give coriander leaves along with vegetable as all Indian foods are cooked with coriander leaves.

Coriander Leaves Health Benefits:

Neuro Energizer:

The coriander leaves act as neuro energizer giving nerve cells the strength to send quick impulses.


Coriander leaves help in removing the gas problems in the digestive system. They help in pushing out the bad gas out and making us feel comfortable.


Lowering blood pressure, yes, coriander leaves work great in treating hypotensive. Eating this raw or adding into the food can quickly reduce high blood pressure.


Coriander leaves help in suppressing muscle spasms. Eating coriander leaves in daily good can prevent infections of dysmenorrhea, abdominal pain, bladder, renal colic and diverticulitis.


Removes sugar from blood, which means a diabetic patient with any kind of diabetic can use coriander leaves to reduce sugar from blood. With coriander leaves one can have best of treatments for type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, gestational diabetes mellitus and coma.


With the antivital property coriander has the power to fight against shingles, cold sores, hepatitis b, chicken pox, epstein barr and herpes.


Coriander leaves act as vitalizer in bringing a youthful feeling and strengthen the body and thought.


Gives strength to nervous system of the body, the best neurotonic herb is coriander. Using this can help in rejuvenating the nervous system.

Coriander Seeds:

The seeds of coriander are crushed into powder and mixed with any food in India. Coriander seeds are provide the best treatments for heavy periods, PCOS, hyperthyroid and kidney issues.

Coriander Powder Health Benefits:

Preparing Coriander Coffee:

This drink is prepared in India; the coriander coffee is prepared in rainy season to prevent any kind of viral or bacterial infections effect humans. This drink is a mixture of dry ginger powder and coriander powder.

Method of Preparation:

Add one tea spoon dry ginger powder and coriander powder in half cup of boiling water; add 2 spoons of sugar to this as the drink becomes sweet for consumption of kids.
Allow all dry ginger powder, coriander powder and sugar to boil. Wait for 5 min and then we can drink this as our daily tea.

Coriander For Kidney Treatment:

Coriander can cure any kind of kidney or urinary bladder infections; it has all the properties to prevent kidney stone formation. The above said drink can dissolve any kind of kidney stone. It can also clear the urinary track.

We are all used to drinking tea and coffee with different flavors, which is the main cause of headaches. But, for daily coffee addictions the news could be hard to digest. If you what to drink something as an alternative to tea and coffee then try drinking a lemon juice or coriander juice.

Updated: Mar 2, 2017 — 7:08 pm
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