9 Cold Sores Treatment at Home

Below are best cold sores treatment fast remedies that will over overnight in 24 hours, read through the natural home remedies and follow any one remedy you wish that works.

Cold sores also known as fever blisters are created from the herpes simplex virus. There are no remedies for fever blisters as the virus is protected to the DNA strains.

The virus will always exist, but with the appropriate remedies and natural treatments, it might stay dormant for a long time, causing very few or no outbreaks.

A natural cold treatment is the ideal way to avert eruptions and is most effective in getting rid of an outbreak in less than ONE day. There are various homemade remedies which are very effectual when treating an outbreak.

The first thing to do whenever you get a fever blister is to place ice on it until it fully melts, this may prevent swelling and reduce redness.

Next, dab hydrogen peroxide DAB to overall aching, this may dry it out and increase to the scabbing point. If this is done properly the fever blister ought to be pretty well indiscernible and you ought to feel very slight pain.

Make sure you take supplements c and drink at least 2 liters of water each day in order to increase your resistance system.

Natural cold sore treatments are much healthier than any prescription or store purchased creams or ointments.

They’re far more reasonable and don’t cause any negative adverse effects. Natural cold treatments treat the outbreak in the root cause and strengthen the bodies of resistance system, permitting it to cure the body as an entire.

Learn how to heal your cold sore normally, with a holistic treatment that’s surefire to reduce episodes and remedy fever blisters in less than 12 hours. Homemade remedies for fever blisters are the most practical way to treat outbreaks.

Cold Sores Treatment:

Cold Sores Treatment # 1 – Eat Lysine

This supplement is found more in cheese, eggs, milk and fish, lysine for cold sores is a wonderful remedy for cold sores.

Cold Sores Treatment # 2 – Eat Yogurt

When you have cold sores eat lot of yogurt (curd) which best cold sore medicine that can help reduce cold sore quickly.

Cold Sores Treatment # 3 – Apply Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are best over the counter cold sore medicine for cold sore treatment, applying them gently can reduce the sores.

Cold Sores Treatment # 4 – Garlic

Garlic is a good cold sore medicine; rub it on the sore for few minutes. Do it every day it see how sage garlic is in treating cold sores.

Cold Sores Treatment # 5 – Alcohol-Based Products

Alcohol based products that we use in home are can be used as cold sore ointment, actually most of them could be wondering how alcohol can cure cold sores, but it has worked for many. Use safe alcohol based products on skin like Cough syrup, Mouthwash, Perfume and cologne.

Cold Sores Treatment # 6 – Ear Wax

Applying ear wax also has worked for many; you can say that this is a most effective cold sore medicine. Truly, just try it, remove ear wax and place it on the cold sore for 10 minutes and see what happens.

Cold Sores Treatment # 7 – Tea Bag

Using Tea Bag is another cold sore remedies that works, dip the tea bag in extreme hot water and then place it on the cold sore. One has to do it every day to see how cold sore will reduce.

Cold Sores Treatment # 8 – Camphor

Yes, camphor is the best cold sores remedy ever, that helps get rid of cold sores. Boil camphor in coconut oil and apply it on the cold sores, it provides quick relief.

Cold Sores Treatment # 9 – Aloevera gel

Aloe vera gel is another effective cold sore remedy for cold sore, apply the gel as prescribed.

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