Best Treatments for Sinusitis – Relieve Sinus Congestion

Best Treatments for Sinusitis: Sitting with your fingers massaging the forehead and bearing weight of the swollen sinuses in your upper cheekbone area- It must be hard to deal with sinus problem on a day to day basis.

Inflammation is not limited to joint pains or arthritis. Inflammation of the sinus is also a real health issue.

According to center for disease control and prevention, about 29.4 million people are diagnosed with cancer of which 12% are adults.

Sinus issues can affect work performance, impact lifestyle and can even cause mood swings and irritability due to the intense pains. To overcome a sinus attack immediately through medication might be possible but these medications contain steroids. Again dependability on these steroids can be unhealthy due to the side effects.

Best Treatments for Sinusitis – Relieve Sinus Congestion:

There are many natural ways to handle sinusitis and we have researched a few for this article.

  • Handle the symptoms: If the symptoms are addressed early on, possibility of easy pain management is for sure. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Sinus will cause cold which causes thick mucus fluids to drain from the nose. Hydration will thin the mucus and the irritability is less. Thick mucus tends to clog and block air way.

Do not sip any caffeine, tea or sugar beverages as they dehydrate the body and will only add discomfort.

  • The magic drink-Dilute the mucus by drinking apple cider vinegar + lemon water. The clogged mucus will dissolve and will allow more breathability. Cayenne pepper also works wonders when added in this concoction.
  • Inhaling oils-Inhaling eucalyptus or peppermint by steam will also aid in breaking the mucus.
  • Salt water irrigation-It’s often doctor’s advice to do a salt water rinse during the sinus episode. There’s a lit bit of science involved in this. The sodium in the water will build osmatic pressure and the mucus thins out. Irrigating the nasal passage way also relieve the nose of any inhaled substances.
  • Turmeric-Consume more of turmeric. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is also an antioxidant.
  • Vitamin C-Stack up on vitamin C. This particular vitamin helps in fighting illnesses of the immune system effectively. Vitamin C is available over the counter as a chewable tablet, caplets or liquid.
  • Allergens from outside and inside the house-Stay away from allergens. Sinusitis is at many a times triggered by dust, pollen, molds, spores, pet dander etc. Vacuuming the house and changing air filters more often will help substantially. Set up a good car ventilation system to avoid suffocation or stale smelling car.
  • Maintaining pets-Clean your pets outside of the house. Precautionary measures go a long way.
  • Air purifier– Invest in a good air purifier. A Himalayan salt lamp is also great as a bed side accessory when it comes to treating sinuses.
  • Food allergies-If you have never gotten a food allergy test done, now is the time. It’s common for some sinus attacks to arise after eating particular food stuffs.

Sinusitis is a manageable disease and it’s not life threatening unless in combination with another issue.

Updated: Jun 17, 2017 — 7:35 am
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