Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms Treatment, Supplements, Herbs

Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms Treatment, Supplements, Herbs: People who follow a different lifestyle or even an ultra-modern lifestyle often neglect their health and body. The adrenal glands are part of our body, which are often ignored. Due to high pressure on adrenal glands, cortisol levels in our body increases and other systems become weak in the body.


Adrenal Fatigue Signs:

  • Sleep through fatigue
    Several allergies food and / or inhaled
    Wake up in mid night for no reason
    Declined ability to cope with stress
    Depression, often without solution after antidepressants
    Baffling Hair loss
    Repeated miscarriages in the first trimester
    Unexplained belly fat collection
    You feel exhausted after your workout
    The hormones begin to feel peculiar
    Feel very frightened and depressed
    You must go to the coffee in the morning and all day
    Demanding fatty foods
    Dry skin more than common

To overcome the fatigue, you must have a protocol discipline combined with adrenal support supplement. But before it can go on, we need to know what is adrenal fatigue is?

When your adrenal glands are incapable to make the exact amount of cortisol at right time, it leads to hormonal fatigue.

Foods That Support Adrenals Fatigue:

This means excluding all the foods from your routine that causes infection and substitute them with intensely colored veggies, lean protein and carb- free food. An adrenal support supplement in addition to good diet is absolutely crucial but you need to give your body its dose of essential nutrients to fight off the fatigue naturally.

Stay Hydrated:

One of the leading causes of fatigue is dehydration. Taking a dose of mineral supplement will ensure that your cells will absorb more. You can also add a pinch of Himalayan sea salt or fresh lemon juice to your water, which are the best supplements for fatigue and low energy.

Sleep Early:

There is only so much as good diet and adrenal support supplements can do if you do not follow a routine for sleeping and walk up. You must try and get to bed by 11 pm. By not sleeping until 11 pm, your body experiences an upwelling of second cortisol that can impact the sleep patterns.

Use the Supplements:

To help your adrenal glands to perform optimally and release all the stress in the body, you need to have vitamin C supplements and omega 3 fatty acids either naturally or in supplemental form.

Don’t Work Up Your Body Too Much:

When experiencing adrenal fatigue, the last thing you want is an action packed workout. Instead, breathing exercises and 20 minutes yoga sessions are great rest breaks for a day.

Stop Having Caffeine, Alcohol And Sugar:

These three types of foods are very common in our humanity. If we do not have them, we deeply desire them. Most of these have come out of practice, but because of necessity we cause the need for stimuli. For full adrenal recovery, the body must be able to control itself by naturally understanding it. If you have that dynamism lift, you may want to consider healthy and good substitutes, such as proper exercise and composed diet. Grains such as caffeine and sugar, such as cereals, fruits, vegetables, and water stimuli, can help you get rid of other nutritional vitamins and minerals and its energy enhancement without affecting mid-day friction.

Low Dietary Foods:

By consuming less glycemic (low-sugar) foods, you can reduce stress on adrenal glands when guaranteeing high energy levels. Add carbohydrates in small amounts of protein and good fats all through the day.

Avoid Processed Foods:

Fast food, finished goods, and precooked noodles will not do any good for you for a long time. Furthermost people today say that there is no choice to eat this content due to time limitations. Consume the food as close to its unique form. The lower the stages and the time between its unique form and the time you eat, your body has more nutrition.

Adrenal Fatigue Treatment:

Natural Herbal Supplements for Fatigue:

Herbs and alternative physicians help our body adjust well to stress situations to treat many specific resistance symptoms and to address the root cause of stress. Attach to adrenal cure therapy can be a dazzling task but recompenses are a happy, healthy and deliberate life.

Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora):

Skullcap is a perennial plant which is developed all over the world because of its amazing healing benefits.

This herb is inherited to North America and is recognized for its soothing effects in the nervous and muscular-skeletal system. Herbs are a rich home of flavonoids that play a significant role in the treatment of adrenal fatigue.

Flavonoids and amino acids in the skullpack are believed to be responsible for its relaxation function.


Rhodiola, Rhodiola is known as Rhodiola rosea, Rhodiola extract promotes a relaxed emotional state and supports strong mental enactment.

This small herb used to treat proper immune function and hormonal balance since ancient Roman times. Rhodiola is a natural adaptogen that is used in the treatment of severe Adrenal Fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.


The ashwagandha controls various systems in your body, comprising adrenal glands. An Ayurveda herb used for thousands of years in India by Ayurvedic experts.

This plant is particularly good in helping adrenal glands to fit into stress and the source contains flavonoids, which help to normalize flavonoids and the corporeal function of the hormone and nervous system.

It is used to battle fatigue, recover stamina, and boost the immune response and adrenal reaction. All these aspects are central for adrenaline reactions. It acts as an antioxidant.

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