Reasons For Kidney Failure

The exact reason for kidney failure is unknown, as every individuals lifestyle differs and proactive care about preventing kidney failure and diseases is important.

The function of kidney is very crucial for a person to be healthy. However, kidney problems cannot be identified too early when compared to other problems in human body.

Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney problem. People with kidney stones are also prone to have kidney problem. There are also possibilities that kidney diseases are hereditary.

Kidney failure is likely to happen in those who have the habit of smoking and taking more of analgesic tablets or pain killers.

Kidney stones Formation:

There can be various causes of kidney stone formation; most of the doctors have said that kidney formation happens due to drinking less water or hormonal imbalance.

Generically, stones can form due to other infections, taking too many pills or eating habits. In summer high purring happens as the water is moved out of body in the form of sweat and the urination naturally decreases. In winter and rainy reason we urinate more but the amount of water we drink is very less.

In summer it is must that we drink over 4 liters of water every day to dilute the stone formation. If you drink less water in summer the urine becomes filled with impurities and formation of stones happen very quickly.

If the stones are of size 4 mm they will be pushed away in urine, if the size is larger than 4 mm, surgery is done.

Kidney Failure Causes:

When the blood creatinine level is low the kidney performance function will not have any effect. If are person is suffering with diabetes or BP the function of kidney various, as the creatinine level in blood increases.

Using pain killers are the primary cause of kidney failure. When the blood creatinine level increases, doctors perform dialysis, however, during dialysis important nutrients will also be absorbed, and the patient will become weaker.

In this case kidney transplantation is the only solution, eat the kidney can be taken from a brain dead person or can be taken from a donor.

How to prevent Kidney Failure:

  • Salt intake should be reduced by individuals with kidney stones.
  • Kidney cancer patients should take less protein diet.
  • If you have smoking and drinking habits, try to stop them immediately.
  • If you are obese, try to reduce weight by doing daily exercise.
  • Diabetes and Blood pressure patients are take special diet care and medication.
  • Protein content should be reduced, like red meat should be taken very less.
  • Food with less potassium and phosphorus should be taken.
Updated: Feb 13, 2017 — 4:56 pm
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