Zika Virus Enters India – Reports WHO 2017

Zika Virus has enters India, the fatal virus has entered India few years ago, but not many cases were observed. This time the doctors have identified 3 people with zika virus in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. There is also a pregnant woman among the victims.

A doctor named Vijay Kohili also has said that if mosquitoes are eliminated, the number of cases will be reduced. Already many cases of zika virus have been seen worldwide and now WHO has created a task force for preventing this disease. WHO has created a preventive measure, so that the brains of the fetus are not affected by this virus.


History of ZIKA Virus:


This virus is a flaviva virus; it belongs to same family of mosquitoes that has brought yellow fever, westnail, chikungunya and dengue. This zika virus was first discovered in zika forest Uganda. Hence, it’s named zika virus.

It was first spotted in monkeys living in zika forest. It has originated primarily from tropical areas of Africa and has spread across South America through pacific islands. It was not much bothering any one until Brazil started to expand; from then on it started spreading throughout the world.

Zika virus enters body from saliva of mosquitoes. As the mosquito’s bites, it spreads from one to another. Aedes aegypti are the mosquitoes that bring in this virus. When a person in Brazil was identified with this virus, it was proven to have spread with sex activity

Updated: May 30, 2017 — 7:54 am
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