Filtered Cigarettes are Major Cause of Lung Cancer

Tobacco contains a stimulant named alkaloid nicotine. This is the major ingredient that leads smoking to lung cancer. The leading cause for avoidable disease in the nation is the excessive use of tobacco. A variety of heart diseases, cancer, stroke and other deadly conditions are the result of consuming tobacco.

An increased use of cigarette filters are trending which are designed to make smoking safer but instead as new research concludes they are contributing to an increased form of the disease as the use of tobacco is making its way out, and the study’s authors are calling FDA to take action on this.

According to the American Cancer Society the highest rate of cancer is the lung cancer causing deaths, which is killing more people than the cancers of breast, colon and prostate altogether. A survey reports that one in five South Carolinians are addicted to smoking and above 222,000 Americans are to be diagnosed with this tobacco causing cancer annually and approximately 156,000 are expected to die with this disease.

In relation to this around 7,200 inhabitants in the Palmetto State are dying each year with lung cancer, as given by the South Carolina Tobacco Free Collaborative, while there is a subsequent fall in lung cancer the current years, Adenocarcinoma is one type that has been noticed to upsurge.


The unwavering aeration in the air holes that enclose the purifier is the reason that cigarettes burn more gradually at a lower temperature. This therefore results in additional toxic chemicals and allows smokers to inhale for longer period of time which in turn cause those chemicals to be inhaled deeper into the lungs. This enabled the researchers from Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Centre to study in depth.

Dr. Peter shields, deputy director of the Centre’s Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Institute stated that Adenocarcinoma, the major widespread kind of lung cancer is statistically increasing in an alarming rate.

He said that “the public health company considered that the holes in the purifier might be beneficiary “, but “regrettably, it is evident that the design has drawbacks and it is likely to harm the smokers more dangerously and effect the number of deaths negatively.

Dr. Mark O’Rourke has said that since the 1970’s, the cases of adenocarcinoma have enlarged from about a third to two-thirds in the country. Ironically, lung cancer was getting statistically high even though number of smokers was gradually decreasing.  This indicated that the cigarette design needed a change. The aeration holes were considered to reduce the tar, and be less harmful to the smokers.

Carol Reeves, executive director of Greenville Family Partnership, has said that lighter cigarettes and filters were in the market as a safer option for years, she also added that there is nothing as low risk tobacco product. She further adds, she is happy that it is able to attract the researchers to study and bring it to the people’s attention.

Megan Hicks who is an executive director of the South Carolina Tobacco free Collaborative has agreed to this saying “these studies strengthen the public health message that there is no such thing as a safe tobacco product” and also says we are supporting the research to look in to the implications.

Shields said “there is enough study proving that the holes that surround the filters in an effort to safeguard the consumers is false and FDA needs to ban the filters.”

“There might have been less lung cancer if this filter invention was not on cigarettes…..and the rate of adenocarcinomas would also be low “ was added by O’Rourke

Updated: Jun 7, 2017 — 4:59 am
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