9 Best Mental Health Treatment Centers In Minnesota, USA

Below are 9 Best Mental Health Treatment Centers in Minnesota, these clinics will improve mental health treatment for men, women and children. Mental health clinics work globally to reduce stigma and campaigner for increased understanding of mental health needs as well as enhanced services and support.

If you are looking for developing personal mental well-being plan then join the below clinics to reflect on your own mental health and wellbeing.

Best Mental Health Treatment Centers In Minnesota:


ChangeX mental healthcare clinic

ChangeX in Minnesota is a health and community wellbeing center. They have programs like coderdojp, Kaboom, Girl trek,men’s shed.

Contact ChangeX


care for your mind health care clinic

As the title suggests, it’s a place where you can find plenty of information regarding doctors and health related issues. If you are having trouble finding a prescriber, this the right place for you.



Mental Health Treatment Centers Minnesota
This is another best Mental Health Treatment Centers in Minnesota, It center works with a difference, it treats mental health disorder. As Americans are most who are suffering from mental illness.


Caminar Mental Health Treatment Centers Minnesota

This is caminar for mental health; this seems to be the oldest mental health center in Minnesota. It is assisting mental disorders from 50 years. They provide mental health resources in different ways, they have case management, medical clinic and bridges to wellness, support housing, job plus employment services. Caminar



Corcounseling Mental Health Treatment Centers Minnesota

They are located in Anoka, MN, they work with a hope to cure total health of soul, mind and body. They offer unique services like faith based diagnostic and pharmacological treatments. Corcounseling

Corcounseling treats mental disorders like trauma, anxiety, self-esteem, depression and obsession. They use various methods like psychodynamic, EMDR, cognitive behavioral etc..



Mental Health Treatment Centers Minnesota

Best health care center of Minnesota which assists in mental health, community care, prevention and family health. They have experienced professionals who are aware of how to treat mental illnesses, opioid epidemic, telemedicine, real injuries, improving concussion and living with disabilities. Mnhealthycommunities

Prairie care medical group:

Prairie care medical group Mental Health Treatment Centers Minnesota

Prairiecare is a medical group for intensive outpatient program for adults, located in Minneapolis, MN, USA. They have experienced group of therapists, social workers which have passion to help mental ill people. There services includes behavioral development programs, needs assistance, Pediatric Integrative Medicine, Center for Neurotherapeutics, Healthy Emotions Program and many more. Prairie care medical group



This is called cmhc, which provides 24 hours of mental health services. Cmmch services includes Psychiatry, Children’s Therapeutic Foster Care, Psychotherapy, School Services and many more.

They also take care of Assertive Community Treatment, TXT4Life, Intensive Residential Treatment Services, Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services and Shelter Plus. CENTRAL MINNESOTA MENTAL HEALTH CENTER

Mayo Clinic:

Mental Health Treatment Centers Minnesota

Mayo Clinic have large assorted group of specialists engrossed on patient care and mental health. There are Psychiatry and Psychology physical assistance to help the needs of patient. They have pain rehabilitation center, consists of physicians who concentrate on various programs that can cure pain of patients. Mayo Clinic



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